Whether you are tensioning flanges in a plant or installing blades on a wind turbine, HYTORC has the right tools for the job. Our line of tensioners can be designed to meet any application that our customers need. Contact us to see what our tensioners can do for you.

Topside Standard

The standard series of topside tensioners provide our customers with a quality, cost-efficient solution to their tensioning needs. Designed to fit most standard flanges, the standard series tensioners are compact and easy to handle

Topside spring return

The spring return tensioner line offers the customer the same quality as our standard series, but incorporates a spring-return function and a more robust design. These improvements increase efficiency and enhance the tools load capabilities

Wind Single Stage

Wind turbine tensioners are designed to provide our customers with uncompromising performance. Our single stage tensioners are made to help our customers with the bolting applications that have limited overhead clearance.

Wind Multi Stage

Wind turbine tensioners are designed to provide our customers with uncompromising performance. Our multi stage tensioners are made to help our customers with the bolting applications that have limited radial clearance

Wind Foundation

THYTORC has many designs available to meet your foundation tensioning needs. We can provide foundation tensioning solutions for almost every type of foundation used on wind turbines. We stock tooling for foundation studs from 1” up to 3” rock anchor studs.


HYTORC subsea tensioners are designed for continuous use in demanding environments. They are manufactured from high quality materials and are easy to use. Our subsea tensioners can be suited to fit a variety of sizes and budgets


Subsea Pump

In order to stand up to the tough offshore environments, HYTORC has taken our tried and true high flow pneumatic pump and reconstructed it with stainless steel components. Additionally, we have doubled the size of the reservoir to suit the demands of subsea tensioning.

PES Pump

The PES pump is a workhorse tensioning pump. It has the ability to run multiple tools without sacrificing performance. It is reliable and gives our customers consistent results day in and day out. The PES pump is recommended for all applications including construction and is available in a variety of configurations.

HY Series

The HY Series of tension pumps are our latest design for the tensioning market. This pump was designed with maintenance technicians in mind. With a smaller footprint, HY Series tension pumps are nearly 30 pounds lighter than most tension pumps on the market today.


1507-E pump was designed for the heaviest of jobs. With a 3-phase, 690V motor, the 1507-E provides HYTORC customers with heavy duty performance and reliability. The 1507-E will support multiple tools with little to no effort. With a full protective cage that is lift-rated, the 1507-E is ready for all applications including construction.

HBT Pneumatic

HBT pneumatic pumps are available in standard flow rate and high flow rate to meet your specific tooling needs. Each pump comes equipped with an in-line filter, regulator, and lubricator assembly. These pumps are simple to use, simple to maintain, and will last for years to come.

Hand Pumps

Hand pumps for tensioning tools are lightweight and mobile by design. With different pressures and capacities available, Hytorc can provide you with the flexibility you need. Our hand pumps have built in gauges with a unique steel handle that protects the gauge from impact.


Hydraulic Nuts

Hydraulic nuts are designed to tighten large diameter bolts without causing the damage that occurs when hammer wrenches are employed. With the hydraulic nut solutions, customers can tighten large bolts with little to no effort and do so without causing any damage.

Direct Fit Tensioners

Direct fit tensioners are very useful in applications where you have limited clearance in all directions. Additionally, technicians prefer them for overhead work because of the one-piece design. Direct fit tensioners can be customized to fit a wide range of applications.


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