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  • 156 Nm- 1,87,792 Nm Avanti Torque Wrench, Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    Reaction arm mounted on the square drive eliminating torsional force on the cylinder. It also enables to customize the reaction and suit the application.
    Petrochemical, Offshore Subsea, Power Generation, Shipping
    Avanti Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    AVANTI Hydraulic Torque Wrench
  • 167 Nm to 50293 Nm MXT Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    The only true uni-body tool in the world, setting the standard for square drive hydraulic wrenches.
    Petrochemical, Shipping, Oil and Gas
    MXT - Hydraulic Torque Wrenche
  • 161 Nm to 40027 Nm Edge Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    Anti-lock ratchet, uni-body housing, 360°swivel, 360° adjustable reaction arm and more turns per stroke.
    Oil and gas, Petrochemical, Power, Shipping, Cement
    Torque Wrench - Edge
    EDGE Hydraulic Torque Wrench
  • 266 Nm to 7266 Nm ICE Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    High & consistent bolt load accuracy, inter-changeable, interacting, coaxial driving and holding sockets for a 360 degree tool fit , 360*360* 360 Uni-Swivel
    Power, Oil and gas, Steel
  • 377 Nm to 47069 Nm Stealth Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    Dual Piston, Limited Clearance Hydraulic Torque Wrench,360*240 Hose Swivel, Secure clink in Hex Links without pins or screws
    Subsea, Wind turbine, Shipping, Petrochem, Power
    Stealth Hydraulic Torque Wrench
  • 190 Nm to 49862 Nm Versa Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    Quick change ratchet links, torsion resistant housing, torsion-free operation and economical, deal for jobs on Blowout preventers
    Power, Petrochemical, Cement
  • 329 Nm to 42005 Nm XLCT Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    360x360 degree uni-swivel, continuous turning speed and precise torque to the nut
    Petrochemical, Railway, Steel, cement, power
    xlct Hex drive Hydraulic torque wrench
    XLCT Hydraulic Torque Wrench
  • 115 Nm to 10089 Nm JGUN Single Speed Pneumatic Torque Wrench
    Maximum torque at 90 psi, Versatility, lightweight, Durable and Powerful, High Speed Rundown and final torque, Torque Accuracy- ±5%, Can tighten nuts in pockets with extra arms,
    Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Infrastructure, ideal for wheel nuts of heavy vehicles,
    Jgun Single Speed Pneumatic torque wrench
    JGUN Single Speed Torque Wrench
  • 169 Nm to 10846 Nm JGun Dual Pneumatic Torque Wrench
    Maximum torque at 90 psi ,High speed, Rundown & final torque, lightweight, durable and powerful ,versatility , Torque accuracy within ±5%, very low noise with silencer, patented safety lever and reduce operator error and pinch points. Can tighten nuts in pockets with extra arms.
    Oil and gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Infrastructure,. ideal for wheel nuts of heavy vehicles,
    dual-speed Pneumatic torque wrench
    JGun Dual Speed Bolting Pnuematic Torque Wrench
  • 47 Nm to 4067 Nm Lithium Battery Torque Wrench
    Bolt Load Accuracy Within ±5%,Lightweight, Durable & Powerful
    Infrastructure, Power generation
    Battery Gun torque wrench
    Lithium Battery Torque Wrench | Cordless Troque Wrench
  • Available in set of 12 models (2.5 Nm to 2700 Nm). Machanical, Hand Torque Wrench
    Light weight, high strength, aluminum alloy body
    Power, Shipping, Ideal for Smaller bolts
    Ratchet Wrench
    Mechanical, Hand Torque Wrench
  • Slugging Wrenches
    Available in a range of sizes from 22 mm to 230 mm
    Heat treated to achieve optimum Impact resistance. Larger striking area to increase safety in use
    Slugging Wrench
    Slugging Wrench
  • Exclusive Through-bolt Construction, Positive Oil-foam Lubrication System, Torque Wrench
    Reduces Replacement Costs, Reduces Major Cause of Impact Wrench Maintenance, Patented Heavy Duty Telescoping Impact Mechanism
    Automobile, Mining, heavy vehicle industry, cranes
    Impact Wrench
  • Designed to assemble products where quality, high production, and efficiency are paramount
    Low Maintenance and Increased Time Between Maintenance Periods, Low Vibration and Noise Levels, Broad Tool Selection
    Automobile, Mining, heavy vehicle industry, cranes
    Pulse Tools
  • Upto 8100 Nm Torque range, transducerized closed loop systems
    Perfect for fixture fastening application, torque measured at the output, high accuracy universal controller, inline and angle designs available
    Acradyne In-Line Nut runners
  • command any tool in the AcraDyne line from 0.5 Nm - 12,000 Nm, all with one cable
    Custom Designed software application, rundown storage
    Acradyne IEC controller
  • For use with all torque guns
    Reduces noise by 35% and down to a very low 70-75 Db.
    Petrochemical, Oil and gas, Nuclear
    FLR unit
    FRL Unit / Silencer Kit
  • Maximum operating Pressure 10000 psi.
    Light Weight
    Ideal for light duties
    Hytorc Jet pro pumps-power packs
    Jetpro-S-230 pump
  • Maximum operating pressure 10000psi
    Equipped with oil cooler, gauge psi/bar FS 1.0%, remote control 24V – 5 m length, 3 stage pump single phase 230V
    Cement, Power Generation, Shipping, infrastructure, valve
    hystream pump -115-230
    Hystream 230 pump
  • Remote control air, semi-automatic
    Calibrated gauge with certificate, remote control air, semi-automatic,3 stage 4 tool adaptor
    Oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical
    hystream-air pump provider india
    Hystream Air pump
  • Ideal for Torque and Angle tightening and fully automatic, optical & acustic signal & error detection , optional data documentation systems
    Power generation, Wind, Shipping, Cement, OEM
    Hydraulic Pump-230
    HYstream 230 Torque & Angle Pump
  • Highly precise pressure setting valves and oil cooler
    Oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical
    Hytorc Jet pro pumps-power packs
    Jetpro 18.3 pump
  • From simple dial wrenches to electronic data storage and joint analyzers for R&D
    Measure Torque Before, During, and After Assembly
    Torque tester-Accessories (Torquing)
  • Available in multiplication factors of 5:1, 25:1 & 125:1. Covers torque requirements 47539 Nm
    Precise tightening and loosening of all heavy duty fasteners
    Oil and Gas , petrochemical, power generation
    Hand torque multiplier|Advanced Bolting solutions
    Torque Multiplier-Manual Tool (Torquing)
  • Standard Bolt ¾th to 4 inch diameter range due(M 16 to M-100)
    Special custom made design available, fits all pipeline flange to ANSI B16.15, MSS SP-44,Operating pressure 1500 bar
    Oil and gas, power generation, wind
    1500 Bar standard Tooling
  • Single and Multi Stage Tensioners available
    Suit modern hi-load, tight space bolting applications, special custom made design available, operating pressure 1500 bar
    Oil and gas, power generation, wind
    1500 bar standard Hydraulic tensioner
    Typhoon Hi Load Tensioner
  • Xtra load range developed and suit all common size flanges, tools are fitted with misalignment compensation, over stroke safety
    High load,1500 bar max pressure
    Oil and gas, power generation, wind
    Xtra Load Tensioner provider in India| Advanced Bolting Solutions
    Xtra Load Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner
  • 30mm piston stroke,1500 bar operating pressure
    Tools for subsea use, Pressuring up to 1500 bar
    Sub Sea Tensioner provider in India
    Sub Sea Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner
  • 1500 bar electric/air operated/hand
    Mounted in robust tubular steel transportable frame, capable of providing output pressures up to 2500 bar
    Boltight Pump
  • Accurate way to measure bolt load and bolt elongation, ultrasonically
    Quickly and accurately, and displays the result on an easy to read screen
    Wind, Power generation, oil and gas, critical bolting
    Echo meter Bolt Extension Measurement
  • Directly replace any type of nut.
    Provided hands free, temperatures up to 538C,unprecedented bolt load accuracy to + 5%,Reaction free Bolting, pure tensile load, 100 % elimination of galling on flange stud surfaces, reaction bolt tension, accuracy and reliability available
    Wind, Power generation ,oil and gas,
    Hytorc nut-Mechanical tensioning tool
    Hytorc Nut
  • Every bolting application without changing your existing bolts and nuts, eliminates reaction arm
    Increase Job Safety, Increase Joint Integrity, Increase Tool Longevity, reduce job time
    mechanical tensioning tools provider in india
    Hytorc Washer
  • Align force 10 kN (1 ton), weight only 1.6 kg
    Smaller diameter low pressure flanges
    Petrochemical, nuclear, mining, oil and gas, center used subsea also
    FA1TM Flange Alignment Tool
    FA1TM flange Alignment
  • Align force 40 kN( 4 ton), mechanical weight only 8.6 kg
    Medium diameter, medium pressure flanges.
    Onshore, commission, construction
    FA4TM-Flange Alignment tool
    FA4TM Flange Alignment Tool
  • Align force 90 kN (9 tone)
    Larger diameter, higher pressure flanges.
    Petrochemical, nuclear, mining
    FA9TE-Flange Alignment tool
    FA9TE Flange Alignment Tools
  • 9T( 90 kN) to 25T (240kN) mm spreading Gap
    If the flange joint you are working on has an access gap of 6.0mm,available in mechanical, hydraulic mode of operation, Hydraulic spreaders available with integral pumps and maximum spread up to 103 mm, recommended and be used in pair
    Petrochemical, nuclear, mining
    Flange spreading tool
    Flange Spreading Wedges
  • If the flange joint you are working on has no access gap between the flanges or you are concerned about damaging the flange faces or the flange joint you are working on has a spacer, wafer or butterfly valve positioned between the flanges, Secure-Grip flange spreaders are likely to be suitable.
    Construction, shutdown, petrochemical, nuclear, mining
    Secure Grip Spreading
  • 10T(100kN) closing force and weight only 11 kg
    With a bolt hole diameter of 25 cpmm (‘1’) or greater, and can pull from a distance of 600mm down to 0 mm with a force of 10T (100kN) per tool
    Construction, shutdown, petrochemical, nuclear, mining
    flange closing tool
    FC10TE Flange closing tool
  • Require an access gap of 9.5mm (0.37") and will provide a lifting force of 18T.
    To assist in the lifting of heavy equipment when access is restricted, recommended to be used in pairs
    Construction, shutdown, petrochemical, nuclear, mining
    vertical lifting wedges
    VLW18TE & VLW18TI Precious Lifting Wedge
  • Low maintenance.
    Power generation, steel, oil and gas, petro chemical
    Nut Splitter
    Nut Splitter
  • 4″ to 86″ O.D.
    (101.6 to 2184.4 mm)
    (Depending upon model)
    OD mount-Pipe Cutting Tools
    OD Mount
  • 3/4″ to 16.25″ O.D
    (19.1 to 412.8mm)
    ID mount Pipe cutting tools
    ID Mount
  • JUWEL Electrical Tool
    150Nm To 12000 Nm Torque Wrench
    Proven Gearbox Technology, Straight And Angle Type Available
    Juwel Electrical Tool
  • 600 Series RBL-G2 and SB Clamshell Lathes
    .25” (13.7 mm) to 60” (1524 mm) OD mounted split-frame lathes
    600 Series RBL-G2 and SB Clamshell Lathes
  • 200 Series BEVELMASTER® ID Mounted Beveling Equipment
    .610” (15.5 mm) to 36” (914.4 mm) Pipe Beveling machines
    200 Series BEVELMASTER® ID Mounted Beveling Equipment
  • 300 Series Tube Squaring Solutions
    .125” (3.2 mm) to 8.625” (219 mm) OD Tube squaring machines
    300 Series Tube Squaring Solutions
  • 500 Series SEVERMASTER® Auto-Cycle Tube Severing Solutions
    .25” (6.4 mm) to 16.0” (406.4mm) OD Tube severing machines
    500 Series SEVERMASTER® Auto-Cycle Tube Severing Solutions
  • Covering stud sizes 3/4” to 3.1/2” (M-18 to M-85)
    Made from high strength stainless steel , suitable for higher pressure rating flanges (API 170 - 10K),Safe design in event of piston ‘Over Stroke' ,Multi tensioning
    Bolt Tensioner
  • 2200 bar outlet maximum pressure,
    Easy to operate,Compact construction style, stationary, Pneumatic drive, No heat ,frame or spark risk
    Boltstrong Pump
  • 365 Nm - 49862 Nm Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    Multi Purpose Hose Coupler,Simple Connect Hex Links, Efficient Mechanical Design,Slim Design For Universal Fit,Highest Quality Internal Metals
    Petrochemical, Offshore, Subsea, Power Generation, Shipping
  • 228 Nm- 40194 Nm Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    Reaction Arm Mounted On The Square Drive Eliminating Torsional Force On The Cylinder. It Also Enables To Customize The Reaction And Suit The Application
    Petrochemical, Offshore Subsea, Power Generation, Shipping
  • 115 Nm - 10089 Nm Pneumatic Torque Wrench
    Accurate Torque With Low Noise And Low Vibration,Maximum Torque Requires Only 90 Psi,Precision Gearing Produces Constant Calibrated Power
    Petrochemical, Offshore, Subsea, Power Generation, Shipping
  • world's first digital Pneumatic Torque Wrench air pulls that do not need FRL (filter, regulator and lubricator).
    Instant torque readout on built-in display , convenient operation and maintenance,Built-in silencer reduces operational noise and vibration,Highest power-to-weight ratio,Compatible with the HYTORC Washer and HYTORC Nut
    Digital J Gun
  • Angle nutrunners are the perfect solution to space-limited fastening applications that are not practical with inline or pistol model tools.
    Angle Nut Runners
  • Signature Series cordless tools provide repeatable torque performance ranging from .6 to 88.5 ft-lb (.8 to 120 Nm)
    Ergonomic handle design provides optimal balance and comfort to the operator.
    Signature Series Cordless Tools
  • Climax BB5000 Line Boring Machines
    diameters from 1.375 to 80 inches,35 to 2030 mm.
    Precision and Speed of Stationary Machines
    Line Boring Machine BB5000
  • Climax BB3000 Line Boring Machines
    Bar Diameter: 1.25 inches (31.8 mm)
    Boring Diameter: 1.5 – 5 inches (38.1 – 127 mm)
    Line Boring Machine BB3000
  • Bar Diameter: 1.75 inches (44.5 mm) 1.25 inches (31.8 mm) optional
    Boring Diameter: 1.5 – 10 inches (38.1 – 254 mm)
    Max. Stroke: 36 inches (914.4 mm)
    Line Boring Machine BB4500
  • Bar Diameter: 2.25 inches (57.2 mm) 1.875 inches (47.6 mm) optional
    Boring Diameter: 2.1 – 4.2 inches (53.3 – 106.7 mm)
    Torque at Bar: 65 ft-lb (88.1 N m)
    Coupling Boring Machine BB5500
  • Bar Diameter: 3.5 inches (88.9 mm)
    Boring Diameter: 8.8 – 40.8 inches (223.5 – 1036.3 mm)
    Torque at Bar: 470 – 1820 ft-lb (637.2 – 2467.6 N•m)
    Line Boring Machine BB6100
  • Bar Diameter: 5 inches (127 mm)
    Boring Diameter: 10.25 – 58.25 inches (260.4 – 1479.6 mm)
    Torque at Bar: 750 – 2900 ft-lb (1020 – 3930 N m)
    Line Boring Machine BB7100
  • Bar Diameter: 8 inches (203.2 mm)
    Boring Diameter: 14.5 – 85.6 inches (368.3 – 2174.2 mm)
    Torque at Bar: 3350 – 6068 ft-lb (4542 – 8227 N m)
    Line Boring Machine BB8100

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