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May 28, 2020by admin

Torque wrench being an essential tool for completing all bolting operations, there are multiple accessories that help complete bolting jobs seamlessly on multiple applications. Boltingaccessories also help complete bolting operations for special applications that have space or access gap constraints. In this article, we will talk about how BOLTSTRONG resolves these problems with their offerings.

Before we talk about BOLTSTRONG’s offerings, let us talk about the brand itself. BOLTSTRONGis an indigenous brand of ABS engaged in developing best-in-class bolting accessories. With decades of experience in providing bolting & flange management solutions to various industrial domains, ABS offers bolting accessories for optimal quality, durability, and economy of usage. Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 standards, these accessories are assisted with quality technical support from ABS and crafted using modern technology to provide fast, accurate, and safe solutions to tighten and loosen multiple bolts simultaneously. The following are the accessories offered by BOLTSTRONG.

  1. Impact Sockets

As discussed in our previous article, Impact sockets are robust sockets that are designed to transfer the high torque delivered by industrial torque wrenches. These sockets can withstand the impact of an action. As mentioned earlier, impact sockets are designed from robust materials that are more ductile. The quality of materials being the less brittle grade of steel can handle the impact of vibrations and high torque output. Impact sockets are also ‘black’ coated i.e. a black oxide coat which prevents the socket from corrosion.

These sockets fit a grooved ring, retaining ring, and a locking pin for safety through a side hole designed in the socket. It protects the socket from fall off during the operation of an impact socket or the vibrations. 

  1. Allen Key Sockets

Allen key socket, also known as hex key sockets, are widely used for tightening&looseningcap head bolts designed for industrial use, these sockets are built of durable quality mild steel or stainless steel.

  1. Stack Sockets

Classified as an impact socket for special applications, A stacking socket is used when the fasteners are too close for a conventional link i.e. a radial clearance problem. A stack socket is also used when a smaller tool is used on a larger nut (low torque). There are mainly three types of stack sockets which can be classified as standard bolt-thru, bolt-thru with retaining ring, and standard closed stack socket. These sockets are compatible with inline tools with a ratchet link. A standard closed stack socket is only used when the minimal stud is extruding beyond the top of the nut. 

  1. Square Drive Hex Adapter

Square drive hex adaptors are specialized tools used in various applications act as a converter to permit the use of driving tools and sockets of multiple drive sizes. 

  1. Low Clearance Hex Insert

Designed to be used with a low clearance tool where the link available is bigger than the hex bolt. Hex Insets are used to eliminate the need for an extra link.

  1. Reaction Arms

Reaction arms are the most crucial bolting accessory to complete the majority of the bolting jobs. These arms attach to a torque wrench to absorb and transfer the reaction force produced during fastening. Under reaction arms, BOLTSTRONG also offers trackpads that are specially manufactured reaction fixtures for applications in tight spaces and unconventional reaction points.

  1. Offset Links

Offset Link are accessories that offer additional flexibility to a torque wrench. It allows the square drive tool to act as a ratchet link for easy fastening and removal of bolts or nuts with limited height or deeply protruding thread ends.

  1. Backup Wrenches

Backupwrenches are the simplest way to stop nut rotation. Upon torquing the bolts, the slim designed backup wrench prevents the nut on the passive side of the stud from turning. Designed for heavy industrial usage, it is totally mechanical, ergonomic, safe, and durable. The use of a well-designed backup wrench eliminate the need for the unsafe practice of removing the slugging wrench that was used for locking the nut also, it saves some crucial time for the job.

  1. Special Accessories

BOLTSTRONG also manufactures special extensions for jobs like wheel bolting and other tight spaces where conventional reaction arms fail.

We hope this article helped you understand the offerings of BOLTSTRONG and the different accessories that are used to complete bolting operations with torque wrenches. Visit us next time for more knowledge sharing articles.


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