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A complete AcraDyne® HT Series Nutrunner system includes a Controller, Power cord, Tool, Tool Cable, and Reaction Bar. These nutrunners connect to AcraDyne Controllers, delivering true, traceable Torque and Angle tightening events with data recording capabilities. The integration of these components ensures accurate and traceable results, contributing to enhanced quality control in fastening applications.

The tool cable is connected to the AcraDyne® HT Series Nutrunner and Controller using connectors with curved alignment tabs and slots. These features ensure proper alignment during connection. The female connector on the cable aligns with the male connector on the tool, and the male connector tab on the other end aligns with the female slot on the controller. This design simplifies the connection process, promoting efficiency and accuracy.

The Multifunction Button (MFB) on the AcraDyne® HT Series Nutrunner is used to toggle the tool between clockwise mode (FWD) and counter-clockwise operation mode (REV). The MFB is user-configurable in the controller software. The tool starts in clockwise mode, and pressing the MFB during operation switches it to counter-clockwise mode, indicated by all LED lights flashing. Pressing the MFB again switches the tool back to clockwise mode. Further functionality can be explored in the AcraDyne iEC controller manual.

To start the AcraDyne® HT Series Nutrunner, the operator depresses the Start Lever. Blue LED lights indicate tightening once In Cycle Torque is reached. The tool automatically stops when it senses the target torque value or if no torque is sensed within a specified time period. Green LED lights indicate a successful cycle, while red LED lights indicate failure to reach torque/angle. Previous cycle results remain lit until a new cycle surpasses the In Cycle Torque setting.

The Free Run Timeout setting in the Controller DSP menu under Timeout Settings is recommended to be adjusted for tools with catalog-rated speeds below 60 RPM. It is suggested to change the setting to 30 seconds from the default of 5 seconds. This adjustment ensures optimal tool performance and timeout duration during free run operations.

Slip Ring Models in the AcraDyne HT Series Nutrunners feature a Slip Ring that allows the Gearbox to rotate 360 degrees. Operators should ensure that hands, body parts, or non-sufficiently structural elements are not between the reaction bar and the reactive point during positioning. Care must be taken to avoid tool start while positioning the reaction bar. Failure to practice safe reaction bar handling can result in severe injury or damage to the tool/application.

AcraDyne HT Series image

AcraDyne HT Series

Tools that generate substantial torque and deliver exceptional performance are imperative for critical fastening applications. In response to this demand, the HT Series tools seamlessly integrate these capabilities with AcraDyne's controller technology. The result is an electric, high-torque bolting system that surpasses the competition in terms of precision, speed, and safety. The AcraDyne HT series is highly accurate with a built-in transducer and data retrieval feature.


Maximum Torque (Nm) / (ft-lbs)                8100 / 6000
Minimum Torque (Nm) / (ft-lbs)                 250 / 185    
Maximum Weight (kg) / (lbs)                     15.7 / 34.5
Minimum Weight (kg) / (lbs)                      4.6 / 10.5


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