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Aimco Controller

The AIMCO AcraDyne Gen IV ACE Controller stands as the central component of the modular AcraDyne DC system, boasting advanced design and manufacturing features. This singular controller has the remarkable ability to command any transducerized tool within the AcraDyne assembly and fastening tools spectrum, ranging from 0.5 Nm to 17,000 Nm, all through a single cable.

AIMCO's Acradyne Gen IV Ace has revolutionized DC controllers, departing from the conventional perception of them being bulky and oversized. Instead, the Gen IV Ace is characterized by its compact design. Brimming with numerous advanced features and capabilities, this modern controller not only serves assembly lines but has also found versatile applications in industries such as aerospace, wind energy, power generation, automotive, and many others.



  • Programs up to 256 parameters
  • Rundown Storage – 1000000
  • Backup and restore through USB or Ethernet

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