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No manufacturer wants to buy a defective product, every consumer is looking for the best ROI. As assembly fastening tools play a critical role in maintaining joint integrity among industry 4.0 products, it is important to have a robust tool that could avoid application breakdown. To avoid such costly mistakes, Cleco tools manufactures electric assembly tools majorly considering four factors. In this article, we will elaborate more on these factors and understand why it is important to build an industry 4.0 fastening tool considering them.


Durability is a crucial attribute that fastening tools should possess. If a vehicle manufacturing plant annually assembles 200,000 vehicles and every vehicle has 1000 threaded fasteners, then the plant completes more than 200 million rundowns with their fastening tools. As tool breakdown may lead to heavy losses, Cleco tools are robust and have minimum maintenance downtime.

Confident about the durability of their tool, Cleco is the only assembly tools manufacturer that offers 1 million maintenance-free cycles. The tool’s handle has a configurable, two position, start switch rated for 4 million cycles. Additionally, the Cleco CellCore series is drop tested up to 5 ft offering durability assurance while working in heights.


Ergonomics is as important as the durability of the tool as it pertains to the safety and health of the operator. Designing a user-friendly tool reduces the probability of defective tool. For example, the Cleco NeoTek series offers visual, audible, and tactile feedback on the fastening operation. The lights integrated in the assembly tool offers the status of the rundown so that the operator does not have to look at the controller constantly. The feature is extremely useful when operators are working on the interiors of the car where the controller is hard to check. As mentioned earlier that these tools are frequently used, designing a lightweight and ergonomic tool plays a key role in reducing operator fatigue and increasing the productivity of the plant.

Modern Technology

To minimize future investment in new technologies, Cleco fastening tools are integrated with modern technology designed to serve the customer in the long-run. Cleco’s current technology adoption is the only solution to reduce the need of cables and other accessories by up to 50% through smart controllers. The Cleco controllers are designed to power up to 16 fastening tools including cordless assembly tools simultaneously, these controllers also offer real-time data recording and monitoring for future traceability.


The most crucial factor that is taken into consideration is accuracy. As the assembly of any product is bolted through multiple fasteners, inaccurately fastened bolts can cause major product failures or safety hazards. A high-quality DC electric tools can detect the potential problems with the changes in the expected torque and angle curve. Offering +/-7% accuracy cm/cmk 2.0 accuracy, these controllers powering the tools record the data to monitor the accuracy of the job. As traceability plays a crucial role for industries like aerospace, automobile, manufacturers, and many more, Cleco offers tools that document product assembly. The feature assures customers that all products were assembled as per the requirements.

We hope this article helped you understand the four major factors Cleco production tool consider while manufacturing their tool for the assembly line. Visit us next time for more knowledge sharing articles.


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