Assembly Line’s New Best Friend: AIMCO Fastening Tools Controller

December 21, 2019by absgroup


DC electric fastening tools have been available in the assembly line for more than a decade. However, as the traditional or the air driven fastening tools were much cheaper than electric tools, DC tools were not as popular as they are now. With developing technology and prices going down, it made more sense to switch to electric fastening tools as they offered more benefits over traditional tools. In this article, we will talk about how AIMCO’s next-generation technology benefits assembly lines.

Decades ago, fastening tools were used to only assemble limited automobile components like airbags and seat to floor connections simply because they were the only components that needed accuracy. However, with the demand for products rising, DC electric tools help assemble components faster to meet supply requirements. DC electric fastening tools have gained popularity because they offer better connectivity, accuracy and data recording features for traceability than conventional methods. Additionally, it offers lower maintenance costs than conventional tools.

More than fastening tools, their controllers are attracting industrial users to switch. Some of the standard features that AIMCO offers in all their fastening tools are brushless motor for low noise, high-accuracy torque transducers, and high cycle gearing to name a few. However, controllers are the tools that have drastically developed and are attracting industries to implement electric tools on a large scale.

Controllers are the components that power the electric fastening tool. Heavy, bulky, and huge were how engineers described it before. Now, not only have they shrunk in size but also pack in features like data recording and powers multiple tools at a time. They also display torque information with real-time data while assembly operations.

For Example, AIMCO’s Acradyne Gen 4 has three displays that offer multiple features for the operator’s convenience. The first display allows the operator to check the torque output generated. The second display allows the operator to toggle and set multiple parameters like angle, job sequence, bolt count, and engineering units. The small display right under it helps the operator know which second display the operator has toggled in. Finally, the last display is a touch screen display that shows real job time graphing and selectable run screens which can be run on a computer. Just like a heart monitor that records a patient’s heart rate, the third display helps the operator trace any errors in real-time while the tool is operational. These controllers can be operated remotely from anywhere across the globe to identify and extract data.

The controller also has four USB ports for engineers to restore, backup, update software, and download assembly data and curve. Also, it has two Ethernet ports that help the controller interface with two networks simultaneously for data collection and separate line control.

AIMCO’s controller can record can store up to 20,000 run-downs that includes real-time data curves and 5,000 record event log. The device can also log any maintenance servicing done to the tool that includes calibration.

As these controllers have developed over the years, they not only help assemble components in small but also large scale industries. For example, DC electric fastening tools can now be seen used to assemble refrigerators to aerospace components.


Established in 1970, AIMCO is a US company that has expertise in manufacturing and providing fastening solutions. Initially, manufacturing tools for the automobile industry, AIMCO has adopted the latest technologies after years of research to serve various industries like aerospace and energy to name a few. They are one of the only companies to offer assembly fastening tools that can deliver a torque output between the ranges of 1 Nm to 12,000 Nm.

While AIMCO’s fastening tools offer a wide range of torque output, the advanced features of controllers are the ones drawing major manufacturing and assembly lines to switch. As an early adopter of new bolting technologies, we at Advanced Bolting Solutions recommend tools that not only deliver precision bolting but also provide traceability and safety. Believing in our vision of providing joint-integrity solutions and having a strong market presence in every industry, Advanced Bolting Solutions is proud to be partnered with AIMCO as the authorized distributor of their tools in India. Visit us next time for more knowledge sharing articles.


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