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AIMCO's Controlled DC Fastening Tools provide torque verification, data collection, and high-quality, productivity enhancing solutions.

DC tools by AIMCO

Designed to enhance assembly tools experience, AIMCO designs their tools following industry standard PERQ (Productivity, Ergonomics, Reliability, and Quality) formula. Committed towards delivering the best ROI to their customer you can expect the following from all AIMCO DC electric tools.

Productivity– From large automobile manufacturers to small scale manufacturers, AIMCO offers a wide range of fastening tools that not only adapt to the customer’s requirements but also help assembly processes run efficiently.

Ergonomics– Committed towards delivering higher efficiency and reduced workplace injuries, all AIMCO assembly tools are operator friendly i.e., lightweight, easy to operate, quiet, and low vibration with minimum torque reaction. These features not only assure assemblers to complete their jobs in the safest manner possible but also helps reduce operator fatigue.

Reliability–Crafted with robust components to offer superior durability in the assembly line, AIMCO assembly tools help manufacturers reduce their tool maintenance and repair costs.

Quality–AIMCO’s assembly tools are tested and proven to meet the industry standards. Backed up with its torque measurement tools, it allows manufacturers to focus on the most important of creating a quality product.

DC Nutrunners

Ideal for fastening application, AIMCO’s AcraDyne DC nutrunners are superior in size, speed, and duty cycle when compared to competitor’s tools.It offers onboard lights and audible signals for operator feedback.

DC Controllers (Gen IV ACE)

A single platform that commands all transducer size assembly tools, AIMCO’s Acradyne Gen IV Ace Controller offers the flexibility to control the AcraDyne line of tools up to 17,000Nm with a single cable. Adding to the flexibility, AcraDyne controllers allow operators to monitor and report real-time operation remotely.

Cordless Tools – AcraDyne Series

AcraDyne high-performance cordless tools are designed to deliver repeatable precise torque and/or angle to the fastener every time. The portable tool is also capable of storing 150,000 results on-board.

Higher Torque (HT) Series

Invented to meet critical bolting demands, AIMCO’s AcraDyne HT series is one of the only traceable square drive systems. Made in the USA, the tools can operate several times faster than hydraulic tools. It is designed to beat competing tools in accuracy, speed, and safety.


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