Cordless Tools

The AIMCO AcraDyne series cordless fastening tools are designed to offer unmatched accuracy and portability. With in-built data storage, AIMCO’s line of cordless fastening tools is one of the most advanced portable tools in the industry.

Cordless assembly tools by AIMCO

The AIMCO AcraDynehigh-performancecordless tools deliver unmatched torque and angle accuracy. These cordless assembly tools are self-controlling tools i.e. it can stand alone and run or in conjunction with an iBC ACE Platform controller as a line interface. The AcraDyne tool manager software allows the fastening tools to be programmed at no costs.

Some of the other notable features include that these fastening tools can store up to 150,000 results on-board. The multi-coloured LED Control lights indicate the 5 different tool status to reduce the chances of errors during operation. The in-built brushless motor not only delivers low noise and vibration during operation but also reduce maintenance costs. Ideal for customers who require flexibility and portability in the assembly line, the AcraDyne cordless assembly tools has already gained popularity in major industries like automobile, aerospace, agriculture, renewable, and many more.


Transducer shut-off tool that controls torque and angle.

  • Pistol tool: 1.5 Nm – 17 Nm
  • Straight tool: 1.5 Nm – 17 Nm
  • Angle tool: 1.5 Nm – 120 Nm
  • Tubenut tool: 3 Nm – 20 Nm


Clutch shut-off tool that measures torque and reports angle.

  • Pistol tool: 1 Nm – 17 Nm
  • Straight tool: 1 Nm – 17 Nm
  • Angle tool: 2.5 Nm – 120 Nm


Clutch Shut-off tool that monitors torque as determined by current and reports angle.

  • Pistol tool: 1 Nm – 17 Nm
  • Straight tool: 1 Nm – 17 Nm
  • Angle tool: 2.5 Nm – 115 Nm

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