DC Controllers

Launched with more than 40 years of industry experience and 15 years of designing and manufacturing DC tools, the AcraDyne Gen IV Ace is a next generation solution to modern fastening problems.

Controller that command multiple fastening tools

Designed and manufactured with advanced features, the AIMCO AcraDyneGen IV ACE Controller is the core of the modular AcraDyne DC system. With one controller capable to command any transducerized tool in the AcraDyneassembly and fastening tools from 0.5 Nm to 17,000 Nm with a single cable.AIMCO’s Acradyne Gen IV Ace has revolutionized DC controllers. While controllers were perceived to be bulky and huge before, the Gen IV Ace is compact. Filled with countless advanced features and capabilities, the modern controller not only serves the assembly line but has also expanded its application in industries like aerospace, wind, power, automobile, and many more.


AIMCO AcraDyne Gen IV Ace controller has three displays that show multiple outputs in a single operation for the operator’s convenience. The three display showcase the torque output, real time operation graphs and a touch display for the operator to set multiple parameters like job sequence, angle, engineering units, and bolt count.


The Gen IV controller is capable of recording and storing up to 20,000 rundowns including real-time data curves and 5,000 event logs. Additionally, it can store maintenance, calibration, and servicing logs of the tool. The controller offers four USB ports for operators to restore, backup, update software, and download assembly data and curve. Also, it offers two Ethernet ports which enables the controller interface to connect with two networks simultaneously for data collection and separate line control.


The AcraDyne software is packaged freely with every controller. The user-friendly and comprehensive program allows programming, analysis, and diagnostics to be done remotely. The software can be accessed on any computer, tablet, or smart phone with the software being available on a standard browser.


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