Higher Torque Series | DC tools

Designed to serve critical bolting demands, AIMCO HT series deliver high torque with superior performance. The AcraDyneHT Series combines these features in an electric, high-torque bolting tool that beats the competition in accuracy, speed, and safety.

DC tools for high torque requirements

One of the most accurate high-torque DC tools that can serve up to 17,000 Nm, the HT series is claimed to be several times faster than any hydraulic tools in the industry. With over 300 models available, each one of them is designed ergonomically with robust components to offer durability. Additionally, every model comes with five handle configurations to maximize operator convenience.

Designed and manufactured in USA, the AIMCO AcraDyne HT series is the one of the only traceable square drive systems. With a built-in transducer, the tools offer optimal monitoring, data retrieval, and control. Keeping safety in mind, every tool requires both hands to start the tool to avoid pinch points. The feature also prevents tools to be accidentally started.

Ideal for customers with high torque requirements, the AcraDyne HT series have already gained popularity in major industries like automobile, aerospace, agriculture, renewable, and many more.

Angle DC Nutrunners

Drive: Square Drive ¾”, 1”, 1 ½ “, and 2”
Types: Straight, Pistol, Axial, Fixtured
Torque Range: 50 Nm – 17,000 Nm

HT Series Angle DC Nutrunners

Drive: Square Drive ¾” and 1”
Torque Range: 135 Nm – 2,600 Nm

HT Series Dual Lever Tools

Drive: Square Drive ¾”, 1”, and 1 ½”
Handle Types: “Handle Bar” (F) style, Straight (S) style with side handle, and Pistol (P) style.
Torque Range: 50 Nm – 17,000 Nm


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