Handheld Nut HCX

Ergonomic Design. Integrated Maintenance Management.Safety in Assembly.

Handheld Nut HCX

Handheld nut runners from the HCX series have been used in countless applications for years and are extremely popular and trustworthy for their robust design and high reliability.

Pistol Grip Nut Runners

Torqueto 25 Nm

Speedto 1.481 1/min

Angle Nut Runners

Torqueto 250 Nm

Speedto 1.535 1/min

Fixture Nut Runners

Torque to 131 Nm

Speedto 2.388 1/min


  • Robust & Ergonomic Design
  • Drive
  • Torque Sensor
  • Integrated Barcode Scanner (AMT Patent)
  • Integrated Ultrasonic Transmitter
  • Integrated Maintenance Management

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