Handheld Nut HSX

The Nutrunners from HSX Series are new generation tools with high accuracy and digital data transmission between nutrunner tool and control.

Handheld Nut HSX

The handheld nut runners from the HSX series are the newest generation of handheld tools. They result from a consistent development of the proven HCX series. Significant innovations include the completely digital transmission of signals between the nut runner and control and this results in a thinner and lighter tool cable as well as an improved ergonomic design of the tool.

Together with the new HSX handheld nut runners, a completely newly developed control generation was implemented. This makes it possible to now program and monitors the tool with mobile devices like tablets or smartphones.

Pistol Grip Nut Runners

Torqueto 25 Nm

Speedto 1.008 1/min

Angle Nut Runners

Torqueto 250 Nm

Speedto 1.535 1/min

Fixture Nut Runners

Torqueto 131 Nm

Speedto 2.388 1/min


  • Digital data transmission between handheld nut runner and control.
  • Tool cable with a significantly reduced number of wires, makes the cable light and smaller bending angles are possible.
  • New hybrid plug system with improved protection against the plug being loosened and improved bend protection
  • Hot-plug and play, means the nut runner can be plugged in and out of the controller without the controller having to first be turned off.
  • Better ergonomics through the newly designed handle and easier to read status display.
  • New status display with display of the selected rotational direction through LEDs and additional LEDs for advanced display functions (for example, NIO acknowledgment, approval)

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