The all new MXT+ Hydraulic Torque Wrench takes the MXT series to a new level. The innovative design of the New MXT+ torque wrench includes advanced technology such as coaxial reaction drive, auto-release feature and a new cycle counter along with multiple configurations, accessories and drivers which provides robust solutions for all bolting applications. Of all the toque tools, MXT+ Torque Wrench is constructed from higher strength materials for rugged industrial use and highly repeatable performance

Tool Type: Hydraulic

Radius:1.50″ – 1.50″

Weight:13.40 – 13.40 Lbs.

Torque Range:464.00 – 3117.00 ft-lbs.

Quick Couplers

New quick-couplers provide faster job setup and completion. No more guessing if your connections are tight. A locking mechanism is included in couplers to prevent accidental disconnection.


The MXT+ Wrench has an integrated auto release feature so the operator doesn’t have to flip a lever to un-lock the tool from the application. Simply advance the pump and the tool will free itself making bolting operations faster, safer, and simpler.

Cycle Counter

The MXT+ has an embedded cycle counter to monitor tool use and schedule preventative maintenance and calibration. This feature helps maintain the tool at peak performance for accurate and repeatable bolting results. By providing preventative maintenance the user can achieve the longest tool life possible.

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