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Mostly popular in the heavy machinery and automobile industry, HYTORC pneumatic torque wrench operates faster and delivers an accuracy of +/- 5%.

HYTORC Pneumatic Torque Wrenches,

enhancing productivity by reducing job time

These torque wrench offer several features such as Handle Mounted Adjustable Pressure Regulator, safety paddle for two-hand operation, digital readout, dual speed mode, flip switch for loosening and tightening mode, special wheel bolting extension, Inline Filtration and in-built silencer to name a few.

One of the HYTORC’s most advanced pneumatic torque tools – The jGun Digital, eliminates the FRL component to widen the scope of jobs for a heavy-duty pneumatic torque wrench. The digital jGun is extensively used by Indian customers in the maintenance of mining machinery in rugged environments.

ATEX certified variants are available for operation in spark-free environments. All HYTORC Pneumatic torque tools are compatible with the HYTORC Washer and HYTORC Nut.


The world’s first FRL-free torque adjustable pneumatic torque gun that comes with a digital readout, HYTORC’s jGun digital is the most advanced pneumatic torque wrench developed by HYTORC. As the most modern pneumatic torque gun, it not only offers the highest level of portability and convenience but also widens the scope of jobs deliverable.


Developed for faster operation to reduce job time and increase productivity, the jGun DUAL SPEED pneumatic torque wrench is the industry’s most reliable choice.


Simple to operate, the jGUN SINGLE SPEED pneumatic torque wrench offers industry-leading power-to-weight ratio that can loosen fasteners that even competitor tools cannot.


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