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The most portable pump in the industry.

Vector Mini Pump

The HYTORC VECTOR Mini is a simple and convenient pump applicable for a wide range of applications. Integrated with HYTORC VECTOR technology, the Vector Mini offers single-port pumps with the option of manual or automatic power. The new offering is 25% smaller, 35% lighter for unmatched portability and manoeuvrability.

The pump is available in both automatic and manual models. Its unique modular design allows the manual version to be upgraded to fully automatic if needed. Additionally, this small pump offers an optional documentation feature which allows complete bolting job data capture for future traceability and monitoring.

To eliminate set up time and the need for separate torque charts, the tool parameters are pre-loaded in the pump. The target torque can be set on the tool’s LCD screen by the operator. The user-friendly guidelines reduce the chances of operator errors.

Fast and Compact, the 3-stage innovative design allows the VECTOR MINI to be the fastest and most portable pump in the industry. Capable of producing up to 10,000 psi, the pump is known to complete jobs faster and reduce shutdown time.

Main Features:

  • Protective Caging
  • 15 ft. Digital Remote Control
  • Fully Automatic Design
  • 15’ Twin Line Steel Braided Hydraulic Hose.

Pump Features

Voltage 115V / 230V
Data Recording YES
Gauge Not necessary but can be attached
Reservoir Capacity .7 gals/ 2.7l
Stages 3
Max Flow Rate 250 cu. in/min

330 cu. in/min

Weight 48 lbs. / 22kg (Manual)

52 lbs. / 23 kg (Automatic)

Amperage 18 AMP (115V) / 9 AMP (230V)
Torque and Angle YES
Bar Code Scanning YES

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