Pneumatic Torque Wrench

Pneumatic assembly line solutions with Cleco Pulse tools

Consistently innovating, Cleco Pulse tools are a line of pneumatic nutrunners that offer unmatched durability, productivity with repeatability to complete your assembly jobs faster. With a wide variety of shut-off and non-shut-off pulse tools, Cleco offers assembly solution for every assembly line application imaginable.

Efficient 3-Chamber Air Motor

The exceptionally efficient air motor allows the pneumatic nutrunners to offer lower noise levels in comparison to standard torque wrenches. The motor also allows the operator to complete jobs faster with lower air consumption.

Reduced Tool Maintenance

The new patented double chambered pulse unit has an integrated automatic oil reserve. Cleco Pulse tools guarantee a 500,000 maintenance free cycles.

Ready for error proofing

The Pulse tool is designed with a standard air signal indicating tool shutoff to be compatible with TVP error proofing system. It is located near the air inlet to maximize ergonomics.

Adjustable motor speed

To assure accuracy on hard joints, Cleco Pulse tools come with an easily adjustable motor. The motor can be locked in place to avoid accidental adjustments.

Some of the other key features that Cleco Pulse offers

Durable, Economical low maintenance
Motor governor equipped
External torque adjustment
External speed control
Oil less blades
Torque signal port

H-Pistol-Shut-Off Models

Torque Range: 4 Nm – 120 Nm

C-Pistol-Shut-Off Models

TTorque Range: 100 Nm – 160 Nm

C-Pistol-Shut Off Trigger Throttle

Torque Range: 160 Nm – 400 Nm

HT – Non-Shut-Off Models

Torque Range: 100 Nm – 400 Nm

H-Non Shut-Off Models

Torque Range: 4 Nm – 120 Nm

In-Line – Push-to-Start

Torque Range: 2.6 Nm – 35 Nm


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