Hydraulic Jacks and their applications in the industry

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Hydraulic jacks are applicable in multiple industries as they offer convenient load-lifting solutions. These jacks work on Pascal’s principle of fluid mechanics where these tools generate large amounts of load to lower or elevate applications. In this article, we will elaborate more on the types and role of hydraulic cylinders and jacks used in different industries.

Floor and bottle jacks are two of the most widely used jacks and cylinders. The difference between both these jacks are that floor jacks lay low on the ground and are horizontally designed; bottle jacks feature a vertical design. While bottle jacks are compact making them portable and economic, floor jacks are less portable making them difficult to transport and store. However, floor jacks are more stable than bottle jacks.

A toe jack is another type of jack commonly used in confined spaces. Sleek and featuring a portable design, these jacks can fit in to tight spaces. Other jacks used for special applications are hollow, compact, locknut, flat, standard jacks, and many more.

As hydraulic cylinders and jacks are available in various sizes, they are ideal for every industrial application. However, studying the design of the application is required, to choose the right jack. Some of the factors noted and taken into consideration are clearance, capacity, and elevation height. All these jacks are powered by pumps which can either be a hydraulic pump or hand pump. Having addressed this, we will now move on to mention some of the industries that use jacks and cylinders in their everyday operations.


The first thing that comes in everyone’s mind when they hear “jacks” is cars and garages as for majority of us were first introduced to jacks in these areas. It is true as automotive industry is known to be largest consumer of jacks. Standard and hydraulic jacks are not only used in garages or repair shops but also while manufacturing cars. These jacks are crucial to operators for assembly, inspection, and work on vehicle’s undercarriage.


Construction workers often use hydraulic jacks to lift heavy loads on site. Heavy machinery systems with elevator systems like forklifts, and bulldozers are often seen onsite.

Material Handling & Logistics

Commonly used hydraulic pallet jacks are popular in the material handling & logistics industry. It allows the operator to lift and transport materials stacked on pallets easily.


Extremely useful during installation and removal of rail tracks, hydraulic jacks help workers to lift and lower rails.


As large chunks of rocks are constantly removed to eliminate obstacles during mining operations, hydraulic jacks offer a solution to conveniently transport these large rocks and debris safely.


Used to load inventory and other components before departure, hydraulic jacks are also heavily used during the construction of these ships.


Similar to the marine industry, the aerospace industry also uses hydraulic jacks for loading and construction purposes.


Backed with decades of experience in dealing with hydraulic tools, ABS has now expanded their line of hydraulic offerings by introducing hydraulic jacks and cylinders. Our range of HiSTRONG offerings includes a wide spectrum of high-quality, safe, and reliable Jacks & Cylinders. With our capacity ranging from 4.5 tons to 1,000 tons with various stroke lengths, we are confident to offer load lifting solutions for any application in the industry.

We hope this article helped you understand different jacks and their role in different industries. Visit us next time for more industrial knowledge sharing articles.


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