I.D. Mount Special Machining Tools

CLIMAX Tool designers and engineers are second to none in applying advanced machining insights to modifying existing tools, or creating totally unique solutions.

J Prep Bevel

Custom ground tooling is available to apply an accurate J-Prep Bevel prior to orbital welding.

I.D. Bevel Remer

Quickly applies an accurate internal bevel for chill rings and other applications.

Fin Removal

Make fin removal easier and faster. Multi-Prep® features replaceable carbide inserts that will remove 3.5″ (88.9 mm) of fins then place a bevel on the tube end in one pass.

ID Rifling Removal Tool

The model OD can clean tube I.D. and remove rifling quickly with our patented Multi-Prep® cutter.

Tube Stub Removal

The model MB, BR, or MS can be outfitted to safely remove stubs from headers.

Hand Hole Cap Removal

Hand hole cap removal is accomplished with standard tool and cutting head. A special center-shaft threads into the cap to lock it securely. Extra wide blades remove the weld without harming the surrounding surface.

Multi-prep Membrane Removal & Beveling Tool

You can spend time grinding the outside of the tube, then using another tool to bevel the end – or – use our patented Multi-Prep® cutter to accurately clean the tube O.D. and/or remove membrane from panel tubes and performs an outside bevel on the tube end in a single operation.

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