Tube Bevellers, ID/OD Mount

CLIMAX offers 9 models of portable Tube Bevellers for fabrication shop and on-site field use. Our locking devices automatically center the tool in the work piece for increased accuracy.

Boiler Gun

Designed to perform on-site machining on boiler tubes or other pipe applications with speed and accuracy, delivering the optimal speed and torque combination to make short work of your tube prep projects. The BOILER GUN™ can bevel, square, and perform other machining operations on a wide range of tube and pipe sizes.
Models Available: BG22, BG38, BG44 and BG 50
Working Range: 0.500″ ID – 5.562″ OD
Radial Tool Clearance Range: 0.8 inch – 2.75 inches
Head Width: 1.6 inches – 4 inches
Power: Pneumatic, Electric and Cordless Electric motor options as per variants

Model OD

The model OD is another narrow-head tube machining tool for working in congested areas. The O.D. clamp system centers and locks the tool securely in place for excellent accuracy and maximum safety. Mount a specialty cutting head and you can perform I.D. cleaning including the removal of tube rifling.
Working Range: 3/4″ O.D. to 2-1/4″ O.D.
Weight: 8.6 kg
Length: 18 1/2″

Model MHS

The Model MHS is a high speed, high production tool that bevels, squares, and removes membranes on water wall panels. It is a powerful, lightweight machine that uses a patented pneumatic motor to turn cutter with replaceable carbide inserts at 5,000 rpm to make short work of large products.
Working Range: 1/2″ – 3″
Weight: 3.2 kg
Length: 14″

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