Powering 16 fastening tools with Cleco’s global controller

February 13, 2020by admin

If you have been in the assembly line for a long time, you might have observed that fastening tools have not developed as much as controllers have. Controllers are like the smartphones of the manufacturing industry, tool manufacturers are constantly developing controllers with new features toattract majors from the industry. In this article, we will talk about the advanced features Cleco’s mPro400GC global controller offers.

Designed for safety-critical applications,Cleco’s Global controller offers the highest levels of connectivity, flexibility, and serviceability while providing accurate torque output.The global controller draws advanced features from its predecessor like adopting the technical features from the proven DGD mPro system and the user-friendly software from the trusted Cleco TME controller, resulting in a powerful and economical controller.

The mPro400GC Global Controller is compatible to power 16 fastening tools that comprise of theCleco DC electric corded tools,LiveWirecordless tools, DGD, and EMT fixture spindles. This feature eliminates the requirement of multiple cables and controllers required by 50% with lesser tools and accessories which alsoreduces 50% of the costs. To explain it with an example, one of our client was able to power 10 livewire cordless tool, 5 intelligent spindles, and 1 corded tool from a single controller saving on acquisition costs. Additionally, the controller saves installation and production expenses like labor to install, cable management, repairing multiple assembly tools, multiple controller backup, and many more.

The Global controller comes standard with a system bus to manage internal data flow and avoid outside network burdening. This feature allows portable connectivity to accessories. The controllers allow quick integration through configurable software menus which provide endless error-proofing combinations.

Apart from the cost saving that the modern controllers offer, one of the key attractions of these modern controllers are that they store rundown data. Cleco’s data recording and archiving software, CooperNetallows the operator to record and track digital image bolt sequencing, In-depth data management, Oscilloscope Process Management, Operating torque and angle output, and many more. The software also allows the operator to access the data remotely without any licensing restrictions.

To increase production uptime, a standard memory storage is provided that reliably stores information of upto 10,000 rundowns per tool. It records and provides information of operating system, drivers, network settings, application parameters, and torque data. To offer tamper resistanceand additional security the memory storage is positioned in the back.

The global controller also offers anoptional secondary controller which is controlled by the primary or master unit. The secondary controller helps proofing local error and peripherals. It also provides a LCD for operator feedback and troubleshooting.

All these features are packaged in a 13.6kg controller, which is substantially smaller and lighter than most traditional controllers. This not only makes it easy to lift but also easy to mount anywhere in the production line. Packaging so many advanced features in a portable controller is what makes it one of the most advanced equipment developed for an assembly line.

With all the advanced features that the global controller packages, it is bound to reduce costs, job times and enhance productivity in assembly lines. Visit us next time for more knowledge sharing articles.


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