Sonar Rentals offered by ABS Group

Bolt Elongation Measurement Services

An issue with bolts must be identified early on, otherwise, it will escalate and impact your efficiency, production and overall business goals.

The concern with bolts or fasteners will result in three things:

  • It will cause your high-strength bolts to be deprived of their complete functionality.
  • A disruption in the entire process is imminent.
  • It will create a massive impact on your budget/ revenue and halt your production efficiency.

Not really an ideal scenario!!! Unless You Do Something about it Today!!! 

ABS undertakes an array of on-site bolting services ranging from simple bolting of a single flange joint to major construction, and maintenance of bolted joints of critical applications at shutdown.

Our Bolt Elongation Measuring services provide established ultrasonic method of measurement in the field. With more than 2 decades of being the pioneer in the industry; we provide the most accurate calibration for your fasteners/ bolts.

The ultrasonic measurement technology of TensionPro Sonar improves quality by keeping a track of your bolt elongation overtime through digital recording and transmission of data for future projects as well.

Audit & Inspect your bolted connections in a faster & reliable way with the least count of 1 micron.

The intuitive software has been developed specifically for the bolting industry, with input from the most experienced users and electronic developers in the bolt tightening industry.

  • Precision Ultrasonic TOF Measurement provide fast, accurate readings.
  • Easy to use and quick verification of your bolt preload.
  • Data Trace-ability through data recordings.

Advanced Bolting Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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