Hytorc Connect App | Software

The HYTORC Connect App allows an operator to seamlessly transfer data from the Lithium Series II Electric torque wrench to a Windows enabled PC via Bluetooth.

Hytorc Connect App

The app provides a user-friendly platform to enter the bolting parameters on the PC and transfer them to the torque tool to reduce the setup time of bolting operations. The app stores all the bolting results on the PC for future traceability.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Connect App automatically connects to the nearby LITHIUM SERIES® II electric torque wrench. The PC App easily synchronizes with a single push of a button. The App connects with the tool using Bluetooth Wireless Technology saving time and effort to connect the torque tool for data exchange.

Tool Configuration

The Connect App provides a user-friendly interface to allow the operator to enter job details like tool profile, job, and administrative setup data. All the data is easily transferred from the PC to the tool with a single push of a button saving significant time.

Job Data Management

The App manages and documents all bolting results for future traceability. The App also provides real-time data to monitor the progress and track the job quality.


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