The benefits Bolt Tensioners offer

September 25, 2020by admin


Bolt Tensioner

Knowing that there are very few articles explaining the benefits of bolt tensioners, this article will explore on what benefits customers gain from bolting with a bolt tensioner. First, we will explain the operation of a bolt tensioner and then move to the benefits it offers.

Following up from our previous article, which briefly explained hydraulic bolt tensioners. The article spoke about the components, design, and function of every bolt tensioning component. We all know the significance of a bolted connection, it can impact the plant efficiency, integrity, and reliability. To enhance the overall productivity onsite, plants adopt modern technologies that minimize shutdown time and avoid hand injuries. Understanding that practicing conventional bolting methods can risk injuries that affect the shutdown schedules, hydraulic bolt tensioning offers the advantage by delivering the industry’s highest level of safety, accuracy, and productivity on all critical joints.

Since we have discussed the operation of a bolt tensioner, we can now move to justifying the title of our article. “The benefits bolt tensioners offer”. Long answer short, operating with a bolt tensioner ensures leak-free joints and enhances safety on-site.

About TensionPro Tensioners

An early adopter of modern bolting technologies, the TensionPro team has a combined experience of more than 90 years to offer the most exhaustive portfolio of tensioning and bolt elongation measurement tools. The team specializes in offering customized solutions based on the customer’s requirements and the application. Offering simple bolting solutions, the team is known to resolve complex bolting problems thorough research, analysis, and design. Easy to use and simple to assemble, these tools can be hand-assembled in minutes.

We hope this article helped you understand the benefits of bolt tensioners and the operation of the same. Visit us next time for more knowledge sharing articles on industrial bolting.


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