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torquing pump

Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pump

The HY-Twin 230 is a robust 4-stage pump, equipped with dual motors, offering exceptional power. It delivers twice the speed and oil flow compared to other existing systems. Tailored for extensive hydraulic setups or multi-tool applications, this pump is especially suitable. The HY-Twin 230 caters to the demands of sizable torque wrenches (10,000 ft.-lbs. and higher) while maintaining optimal speed. Enhanced mobility is achieved through built-in casters, enhancing maneuverability on various job sites. Featuring a five-gallon reservoir, the HY-TWIN 230 supplies sufficient oil to simultaneously support up to four substantial tools

Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pump HY-TWIN 230 Features

  • Deadman switch. Remote or Foot Pedal
  • Extended Remotes in sizes from 20’ to 100’
  • Fire Guard for Remotes
  • Quick Connect Fitting/Couplers
  • Hour Meter
  • Different Grade Hydraulic oil (low temperature, high temperature, biodegradable)
Power  230v (30 Amp)
Gauge  0-10 k PSI (+/-1% Accuracy)
Reservoir Capacity (Tank optional) 5 gals./ 19 l
Stages 4
Weight 112 lbs / 51 kg
Maximum Oil Flow Rate 1480 / 24 l/min.
Oil Cooler Yes 
Protective Caging  Yes 
15' Remote Control Yes 
15' Twin Line Steel Braidded Hudraulic Hose Yes 

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People Also Ask

- A torquing pump serves the purpose of providing hydraulic pressure to hydraulic torque wrenches, enabling controlled and precise tightening of bolts.

- The torque requirement for a pump is not applicable

instead, pumps are designed to generate hydraulic pressure to operate torque wrenches efficiently.

- Torque calculation is not relevant for torquing pumps. The focus is on generating hydraulic pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (psi), to drive torque wrenches.

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