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ABS's skilled professionals ensure reliable and secure flange maintenance activities.

  • Flange Spreading

    Opening flanges before conducting other maintenance operations, such as flange facing, is necessary. With tools that can be powered manually or hydraulically, our manpower is capable of opening all flange joints quickly and effectively. Some flange joints provide minimum access gaps between them. HexForce flange spreaders are tools developed to assist in the spreading of flange joints.

  • Flange Pulling

    For services catered to closing flanges during installation, post flange facing, or maintenance jobs, our team is capable of pulling flanges together without causing any misalignment. A puller is a tool designed to safely remove components without the need for cutting, torching, or hammering. These alternative methods carry inherent risks of injury and can potentially cause damage to machine components. Pullers offer a safer and more efficient solution for component removal, making them widely used in maintenance work across various industries.

  • Nut Splitting

    Our hydraulic nut splitting service is an easy, quick, and efficient way of cold cutting seized up nuts in a corroded environment. Nuts can become tightly jammed on fastener threads due to factors such as corrosion, making them extremely difficult to remove. Nut splitters are manual hand tools that are used with a ratchet wrench, socket, or spanner to effectively break free these stubborn nuts.

  • About

    ABS provides Flange maintenance, which is crucial as flanges can be damaged by turbulent flow, impacts from other components during construction, corrosion, and other unavoidable factors. Playing a crucial role in the maintenance procedure, our highly skilled workforce brings forth their expertise accumulated over 25 years.

    This expertise is particularly honed in the domain of flange maintenance procedures, where their specialized knowledge and hands-on experience ensure effective and efficient handling of tasks.


Our services cover all of South East Asia and the Middle East.

Certainly, we offer both dry rentals (tools only) and wet rentals (tools with highly skilled manpower).

ABS exclusively offers premium tools with a flawless track record. Our tools consistently outperform others in the industry, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability.

You can contact us via mail: lead@absgroup.in, via call: +91-8282 829 795 or simply fill the form below.

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