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HNTC Hydraulic Nuts serve as a direct replacement for conventional nuts. They enable the accurate loading of the bolt, and the applied load is permanently retained through a load-locking collar.

HNTC Hydraulic Nuts prioritize safety with features such as CE marking, a safe over-stroke device, a max stroke indicator, and pressure test certification. The comprehensive safety measures contribute to reliable performance.

HNTC Hydraulic Nuts incorporate the latest seal technology, ensuring a high cycle life and an optimized load-to-weight ratio. The integration with TensionPro pumps and hoses further enhances their technological capabilities.

HNTC Hydraulic Nuts offer a range of options, including thread sizes from M20 to M200, imperial or metric designs, configurations for special load requirements, variations for different temperatures, subsea use, long stroke designs, single or twin ports, corrosion-resistant plating, and stainless steel versions. This versatility caters to diverse application needs.

HNTC Hydraulic Nuts are quick and simple to use, allowing for manual installation in minutes. When multiple nuts are harnessed together, they enhance the speed of the bolt tightening process. The even joint compression ensures uniform bolt loading and superior performance in bolted joints.

TensionPro hydraulic nuts allow bolts to be loaded with an accurate force directly proportional to the pressure applied to the tool. This achieves pure axial loading, eliminating friction during bolt tightening and ensuring an accurate and repeatable method.

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Hydraulic Nuts

Hydraulic nuts are a remarkable alternative to conventional nuts, offering precise bolt loading capabilities and a load locking collar technique that ensures long-term load retention. What's more, the process of tightening bolts can be significantly expedited by using multiple hydraulic nuts simultaneously. They are available in a wide range of thread sizes, covering M20 to M200 dimensions. Their design is specifically tailored to accommodate special load requirements.

These nuts are characterized by straightforward installation procedures and bear the CE Mark, a testament to their adherence to rigorous safety and reliability standards. Additionally, they come equipped with a handy max-stroke indicator for added convenience.


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