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HF HHN Hydraulic Nut

HexForce Hydraulic Nut 

HexFoce hydraulic nuts revolutionize large bolt tensioning, offering a safe, efficient, and precise solution. This nut features an internal jack with an external locking collar. Pressure creates a gap between the nut and collar due to joint compression, gasket presence (if applicable), and bolt elongation.

The nut is pressurized above the desired preload, then the collar is tightened. Releasing pressure transfers the load to the collar, but some pre-load loss occurs due to collar thread settling. This loss is more significant with shorter bolts.


Maximum Tensioner Load (kN) / (tonf)                      6548 / 657.2
Minimum Tensioner Load (kN) / (tonf)                       152 / 15.2
Bolt Thread Size (metric) / (imperial)                         7/8" / M22 - M150
Weight (kg)                                                                   0.7 - 88.7


 ABS Hydraulic Nut


HFHN-15-M22 HFHN-15-0875 M22 7/8” 152   15.2 1011 57 44 5 0.7
HFHN-15-M24 HFHN-15-1000 M24 1” 176 17.7   1175 60 45 5 0.8
HFHN-15-M27 HFHN-15-1125 M27 1 1/8” 230   23.1 1531 65 46 5 1
HFHN-15-M30 - M30 - 280 28.1   1869 73 48 5 1.3
HFHN-15-M33 HFHN-15-1250 M33 1 1/4” 312   31.3 2081 78 52 6 1.6
HFHN-15-M36 HFHN-15-1375 M36 1 3/8” 368 36.9   2450 85 56 6 2
HFHN-15-M39 HFHN-15-1500 M39 1 1/2” 390   39.2 2602 88 58 6 2.2
HFHN-15-M42 HFHN-15-1625 M42 1 5/8” 448 45   2989 93 61 6 2.6
HFHN-15-M45 HFHN-15-1750 M45 1 3/4” 522   52.4 3483 101 64 6 3.2
HFHN-15-M48 HFHN-15-1875 M48 1 7/8” 589 59.1   3928 107 68 8 3.8
HFHN-15-M52 HFHN-15-2000 M52 2” 703   70.6 4688 116 70 8 4.6
HFHN-15-M56 HFHN-15-2250 M56 2 1/4” 812 81.5   5413 125 72 8 5.5
HFHN-15-M60 - M60 - 945   94.8 6299 134 74 8 6.5
HFHN-15-M64 HFHN-15-1500 M64 2 1/2” 1070 107.4   7136 142 80 8 7.9
HFHN-15-M68 HFHN-15-2750 M68 2 3/4” 1222   122.7 8147 152 84 10 9.5
HFHN-15-M72 HFHN-15-3000 M72 3” 1384 138.9   9226 161 88 10 11.2
HFHN-15-M80 HFHN-15-3250 M80 3 1/4” 1738   174.4 11584 179 92 10 14.5
HFHN-15-M90 HFHN-15-3500 M90 3 1/2” 2236 224.4   14909 203 96 10 19.5
HFHN-15-M95 HFHN-15-3750 M95 3 3/4” 2509   251.8 16728 215 100 10 22.8
HFHN-15-M100 HFHN-15-4000 M100 4” 2798 280.8   18652 226 105 15 26.4
HFHN-15-M110 HFHN-15-4500 M110 4 1/2” 3422   343.5 22815 250 110 15 34
HFHN-15-M125 HFHN-15-5000 M125 5” 4477 449.3   29844 285 125 15 50.2
HFHN-15-M140 HFHN-15-5500 M140 5 1/2” 5672   569.3 37815 321 140 15 71.6
HFHN-15-M150 HFHN-15-6000 M150 6” 6548 657.2   43653 345 150 15 88.7


HexForce Hydraulic Nuts: The Safe, Efficient, and Precise Way to Tension Large Bolts

Transform Your Large Bolt Tensioning with HexForce Hydraulic Nuts: HexForce hydraulic nuts revolutionize the process of large bolt tensioning, offering a safer, faster, and more precise alternative to traditional methods. HexForce hydraulic nuts promote a safer work environment by utilizing controlled hydraulic pressure for accurate bolt tensioning.


  • Wind Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Power Generation
  • Construction
  • Railways
  • General Manufacturing


Bearing Installation and Removal: They excel at mounting and dismounting bearings on tapered shafts or sleeves. The controlled force ensures proper seating and prevents damage to the bearings during the process.

Pre-Tightening Large Bolts: Tightening massive bolts often requires significant force. Hydraulic nuts deliver this force accurately, preventing under-tightening (which can cause looseness) and over-tightening (which can damage threads).

Locking Large Workpieces: These nuts are adept at securing large components together. The precise force application ensures a strong and secure connection.

High-Pressure Disassembly: They can be used to break apart tight connections on machinery, such as train wheels, couplings, and flywheels, where immense force is needed.

Frequent Disassembly/Assembly: In situations where bolts need repeated removal and installation, hydraulic nuts offer a time-saving and consistent method for achieving the desired tightness.

Hydraulic Interference Applications: They can be used to create a controlled pressing force for specific disassembly tools.


  • Faster and More Precise Tightening: Experience a significant boost in efficiency with HexForce hydraulic nuts. Their design allows for faster and more precise tightening compared to traditional methods.
  • Single or Multiple Tightening Capability: These versatile nuts can handle both single bolt and multiple bolt tensioning applications**, adapting to your specific needs.
  • Built for Confined Spaces:
  • Compact Design for Tight Areas: Access limited spaces with ease. The compact design of HexForce hydraulic nuts allows for unobstructed operation even in confined environments.:
  • Self-Aligning and Low Load Loss (Shim Type): Simplify installation and minimize preload loss with the self-aligning design and low load loss characteristics (especially with shim type nuts). This translates to fewer installation challenges and more consistent results.
  • Eliminate Thread Damage: Say goodbye to thread damage caused by traditional tightening methods. HexForce hydraulic nuts apply controlled pressure**, ensuring the integrity of your bolts during the entire process.
  • Even and Accurate Pre-Load: Achieve precise and consistent bolt tension every time through the controlled application of hydraulic pressure.
  • Confined Space Friendly: The compact design allows for operation in restricted areas, maximizing versatility.

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People Also Ask

HFHN Hydraulic Nuts serve as a direct replacement for conventional nuts. They enable the accurate loading of the bolt, and the applied load is permanently retained through a load-locking collar.

HFHN Hydraulic Nuts prioritize safety with features such as CE marking, a safe over-stroke device, a max stroke indicator, and pressure test certification. The comprehensive safety measures contribute to reliable performance.

HFHN Hydraulic Nuts incorporate the latest seal technology, ensuring a high cycle life and an optimized load-to-weight ratio. The integration with HexForce pumps and hoses further enhances their technological capabilities.

HFHN Hydraulic Nuts offer a range of options, including thread sizes from M22 to M150, imperial or metric designs, configurations for special load requirements, variations for different temperatures, subsea use, long stroke designs, single or twin ports, corrosion-resistant plating, and stainless steel versions. This versatility caters to diverse application needs.

HFHN Hydraulic Nuts are quick and simple to use, allowing for manual installation in minutes. When multiple nuts are harnessed together, they enhance the speed of the bolt tightening process. The even joint compression ensures uniform bolt loading and superior performance in bolted joints.

HexForce hydraulic nuts allow bolts to be loaded with an accurate force directly proportional to the pressure applied to the tool. This achieves pure axial loading, eliminating friction during bolt tightening and ensuring an accurate and repeatable method.

A hydraulic nut is designed to facilitate the controlled and uniform application of tension to bolts during assembly. It uses hydraulic force to stretch the bolt, ensuring even clamping force.

Hydraulic nuts are used to mount and dismount bearings. To use one, you place the hydraulic nut over the shaft, apply hydraulic pressure to the piston, and the nut expands, creating a controlled force to facilitate the installation or removal of bearings.

The pressure on a hydraulic nut can vary depending on the application and size of the nut. It is typically specified by the manufacturer and should be within the recommended range to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Hydraulic nuts provide a controlled and uniform force, making the process of mounting or dismounting bearings more precise and efficient. This helps prevent damage to the bearings and ensures proper alignment.

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