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Data-Capturing | Industry 4.0 Compliant Nutrunners 

✅ Easy Operation: Streamline your workflow effortlessly with user-friendly controls. 
✅ Energy Efficient: Minimize energy consumption without compromising on power and accuracy.
✅ Digital Communication: Stay connected with advanced digital communication capabilities.
✅ High Accuracy: Achieve unparalleled precision for your assembly tasks.

Unrivaled Design: Our nutrunners boast a robust construction and ergonomic design, alleviating operator fatigue and reducing the need for frequent tool maintenance. This ensures uninterrupted productivity, making them the ideal choice for high-efficiency production environments.

Experience the future of assembly line efficiency with AMT Handheld Nutrunners. Explore our comprehensive collection and revolutionize your production workflow.


Industry 4.0 Compliant Nutrunners

Discover the advanced features that set our nutrunners apart, ensuring efficiency and precision in your assembly processes.

1. Easy Operation:
Streamline your workflow effortlessly with user-friendly controls, enhancing the overall ease of operation.

2. Energy Efficient:
Minimize energy consumption without compromising on power and accuracy, optimizing the efficiency of your assembly line.

3. Digital Communication:
Stay connected with advanced digital communication capabilities, ensuring seamless integration into Industry 4.0 standards.

4. High Accuracy:
Achieve unparalleled precision for your assembly tasks, meeting the highest standards of accuracy in every operation.

Unrivaled Design for Operator Comfort and Productivity
Experience the exceptional design features of our nutrunners, designed to alleviate operator fatigue and reduce the need for frequent tool maintenance.

Robust Construction:
Our nutrunners boast a robust construction, ensuring durability and reliability in high-demand production environments.

Ergonomic Design:
Crafted with an ergonomic design, these tools prioritize operator comfort, contributing to uninterrupted productivity on the assembly line.

Handheld Nutrunner Applications

Securing Suspension Components:

  • Precise Control: Nutrunners ensure accurate torque application to suspension components like control arms, tie rods, and subframes. This is crucial for optimal handling, stability, and ride quality. Over-tightening can affect suspension movement and wear out components, while under-tightening can compromise safety and control.
  • Safety and Performance: Correctly torqued control arms and tie rods ensure proper wheel alignment and steering response, critical for driver safety and vehicle performance. Subframes, which hold various suspension components, also require precise torque for structural integrity and optimal handling.
  • Efficiency and Consistency: Nutrunners significantly reduce tightening time compared to manual tools, boosting assembly line productivity. Their consistent torque application avoids human error and guarantees uniform performance across vehicles.

Securing Body Panels and Trim Pieces:

  • Accurate Alignment and Fit: Our Nutrunners help secure body panels and trim pieces with the right torque, ensuring proper fit and alignment. This enhances vehicle aesthetics, prevents rattling and vibrations, and guarantees long-term durability of the parts.
  • Variety of Applications: Different bolt sizes and materials across body panels and trim require versatile tools. Nutrunners come in various configurations to handle diverse fastening needs, from attaching large hood hinges to securing delicate plastic trim pieces.
  • Efficient Assembly Process: Using pre-programmed torque sequences for specific panels allows operators to work quickly and accurately, minimizing errors and rework. This translates to improved production efficiency and lower assembly costs.

Tightening Wheel Nuts:

  • Safety First: Properly torqued wheel nuts are crucial for safe driving, preventing wheels from detaching in motion. Nutrunners ensure correct torque is applied to each lug nut, exceeding safety standards and exceeding manual tightening limitations.
  • Improved Efficiency: Compared to manual torque wrenches, nutrunners significantly reduce wheel nut tightening time, particularly on vehicles with multiple wheels. This improves overall assembly line throughput and production output.
  • Data Tracking and Traceability: Modern nutrunners can record torque applied to each wheel nut, enabling traceability and quality control monitoring. This minimizes the risk of human error and provides data for potential process improvement.


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People Also Ask

AMT Handheld nutrunners stand out in terms of industrial durability by meeting the most stringent safety-critical and quality-critical requirements for threaded fasteners. The HSX/PSX series, known for high performance and lightweight construction, is designed to excel in highly productive assembly lines.

AMT Handheld nutrunners are equipped with torque and rotation angle sensors, enabling fastening with the highest precision and consistent quality. The controls monitor power intake, serving as a redundant control variable equivalent to torque. This feature ensures that all assembly requirements for safety-relevant or quality-critical fastening joints are met.

The new AMT Handheld nutrunners combine appealing design with trend-setting ergonomics. Features such as a status display with rotation direction indication, smoother hand grips, motor protection sleeves with better grip, and optimal ergonomic designs contribute to reducing operator strain. The tool's lower weight and control capabilities for multi-stage fastening without intermediate stops further enhance operator comfort.

AMT Handheld nutrunners communicate digitally with the control system, reducing the number of wires in the cable. This results in a thin, flexible, and lightweight nutrunner cable with improved kink protection. The tool plug is designed with a high degree of protection against unintentional disconnection of the connector, ensuring reliable digital communication.

The robust design of AMT Handheld nutrunners combines sophisticated technology with durable components. Motors and gearboxes ensure maximum load capacity and durability in rough industrial applications. Longer maintenance periods and life cycles contribute to reducing the overall cost of purchase and deployment, supporting amortization for users.

The integrated maintenance management in AMT Handheld nutrunners signals the technically and economically optimal time for the next maintenance. This proactive approach ensures that maintenance is only carried out when required, contributing to efficient operational processes and reducing unnecessary downtime.

A nutrunner is designed to quickly and efficiently tighten or loosen nuts, providing high torque output. It is commonly used in assembly and maintenance tasks.

The principle involves the use of either pneumatic or electric power to generate rotational force, allowing fast and precise tightening or loosening of nuts.

The accuracy of a DC nut runner depends on the model and design, but it is generally known for its precision, making it suitable for applications requiring accurate torque control.

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