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The HYCOBOLT is an advanced hydraulic coupling bolt designed as a direct retrofit replacement or alternative to conventional coupling bolts. It enhances operational performance in critical high-load rotating shafts and couplings. The design aims to reduce vibration, eliminate coupling slippage, and lower life cycle costs.

The HYCOBOLT is suitable for various industries, including power generation. It can be used in steam turbines, gas turbines, hydro applications, wind turbines, large electric motor drives, marine propulsion shaft lines, and heavy rotating machinery. Its adaptability makes it valuable in diverse high-demand scenarios.

The HYCOBOLT offers several advantages, including the reduction of vibration, elimination of coupling slippage, no need for re-machining, lower life cycle costs, and the prevention of outage delays caused by stuck bolts. It ensures quicker and easier installation, concentricity, and is a direct retrofit. The design aims for simplicity, safety, and reliability.

The HYCOBOLT introduces an innovative design that addresses the challenges of conventional and previous-generation coupling bolts. It provides a fast and reliable installation and removal process, improved overall coupling performance, and increased capacity. The design incorporates internal seals for superior bolt removal and a fully nitrided bolt.

The HYCOBOLT offers a significant return on capital investment by saving time, ensuring predictable and controlled workflow scheduling, and maximizing plant availability. It reduces unplanned rework, improves site safety, and supports turbine upgrade paths.

The HYCOBOLT eliminates concerns about hole damage and re-machining, ensuring fast and easy installation and removal. It establishes and holds concentricity, and its design reduces bolt stresses, contributing to improved reliability and performance.



Introducing the HYCOBOLT, an innovative hydraulic coupling bolt engineered to excel in high-performance torque transmission for essential high-load rotating shafts and couplings. Designed to seamlessly integrate as a direct retrofit or alternative to conventional coupling bolts, the HYCOBOLT yields substantial advantages through enhanced coupling performance and streamlined plant maintenance. By leveraging the HYCOBOLT, operational efficiency gains and time savings during maintenance cycles become readily attainable.


  • Reduce vibration
  • Eliminate coupling slippage
  • No re-machining
  • Lower life cycle costs
  • Eliminate outage delays from stuck bolts



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