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Spring Return Tensioner

The TensionPro HTST series standard range bolt tensioners represent a versatile and dependable selection of hydraulic tensioners, ideally suited for a comprehensive array of bolting applications. These tensioners are thoughtfully optimized for top-side utilisation, tailored to accommodate ANSI, ASME, and API flanges.


Maximum Tensioner Load (kN) / (TONF)                 3200 / 321.2
Minimum Tensioner Load (kN) / (TONF)                  280 / 28.1
Bolt Thread Size (inch) / (metric)                             1 - 4 / M24 - M100
Maximum Weight (kg) / (lbs)                                     32 / 70.55
Minimum Weight (kg) / (lbs)                                      2.7 / 5.96


 ABS Spring Return Tensioner


Tool No

Bolt Thread Size Maximum Tensioner Load Pressure Area Tool OD Height Clear Bridge Clear Weight
  inch Metric tonf KN mm² mm mm mm kg


1 M24





178 28


1 1/8 M27 181 30


1 M24





175 30


1 1/8 M27 181 30
1 1/4 M30 188 30
13/8 M33 195 35
1 1/4 M36 195 38
1 3/8 M33 190 35
  M36 197 38


1 1/4 M33





190 35


1 3/8 M36 197 38
1 1/2 M39 203 42
1 5/8 M42 209 42


1 1/2 M39





211 42


1 5/8 M42 217 45
1 3/4 M45 223 52
1 7/8 M48 230 52
2 M52 236 52


2 M52





246 52


2 1/4 M56 259 63
2 1/2 M60 272 68
2-3/4 M64 272 68
  M68 284 70


2 3/4 M72





294 72


3 M76 307 80
3 1/4 M80 320 84
3 1/2 M85 332 88
  M90 332 88


3 1/2 M90





339 88


3 1/4 M95 352 94
4 M100 364 114

Spring Return Bolt Tensioners

Power and Efficiency at Your Fingertips: Unmatched Spring Return Performance

The HTST series shines as the epitome of versatility and dependability in spring return hydraulic bolt tensioners. Tailored for top-side brilliance on ANSI, ASME, and API flanges, these tensioners excel in both multi-bolt and multi-pass operations. Experience the difference with:

  • Fast Spring Piston Return: Say goodbye to tedious manual retraction. Powerful internal springs automatically reset the piston for the next tensioning cycle, maximizing your efficiency and minimizing fatigue.
  • No Over-Stroke Worry: Accidental over-stroke becomes a thing of the past with the integrated internal valve. Enjoy peace of mind and avoid downtime associated with seal replacements.

Safety and Reliability: Building Trust with Every Tension

Your safety and equipment integrity are paramount. The HTST series prioritizes both with:

  • CE Marking: Complies with stringent European safety standards for your peace of mind.
  • Over-Stroke Protection: Safeguards against exceeding stroke limits, ensuring operator safety and tool longevity.
  • Max Stroke Indicator: Provides clear visual reference for stroke position, enhancing control and accuracy.
  • Pressure Test Certification: Rigorous testing guarantees equipment integrity and optimal performance.
  • Comprehensive Manuals: Get clear instructions and safety guidelines for confident operation.
  • Long-Life Performance: Invest in durable, dependable tools built to last and handle demanding tasks.

Customization and Adaptability: The Right Tool for Every Challenge

No tightening job is identical. The HTST series adapts to your unique needs with a range of options, including:

  • Special Threads and Load Configurations: Cater to specific bolting situations and tackle diverse applications.
  • Twin or Single Port Options: Choose the ideal hydraulic setup for your workflow and workspace limitations.
  • Tight Clearance Bridge: Overcome space constraints with a dedicated bridge design for effortless maneuverability.
  • Oil Pressure Calculations: Get expert assistance with pressure estimations for precise tensioning.
  • Long Stroke Designs: Extend reach for deeper access and handle wider flange gaps.
  • Interchangeable Parts: Enjoy easier maintenance and repairs for reduced downtime.

Pure Axial Loading: Precision Engineered for Consistent Results

Experience the revolutionary TensionPro Tensioner method for unparalleled accuracy and repeatability. By eliminating friction in the bolt tightening process, this innovative approach ensures:

  • Direct Force Application: Bolts are loaded with accurate force directly proportional to the applied pressure, guaranteeing consistent and reliable results.
  • Simple Calculation: Easily calculate the tensioner force using the provided formula, giving you complete control over the tightening process.

HTST Series: The Complete Package for Superior Bolting

The HTST series stands tall as a powerhouse of speed, precision, and confidence. Combining advanced features with unwavering safety and reliability, it offers the perfect solution for diverse bolting applications. With its adaptability and innovative technology, the HTST series empowers you to tackle any challenge with ease and accuracy, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.


Industrial Applications:

Pipe flange connections: Maintaining leak-proof seals in crucial pipelines conveying fluids or gases necessitates secure pre-load on bolts. Spring return tensioners ensure uniform pre-load across all bolts with quick cycling thanks to their automatic retraction, optimizing assembly and maintenance efficiency.

Heavy machinery assembly and maintenance: From tightening massive bolts in construction equipment to securing components in mining vehicles, spring return tensioners provide the required force with the added convenience of rapid piston retraction for faster bolt processing.

Pressure vessel and heat exchanger maintenance: Ensuring secure bolted connections in high-pressure environments is crucial for safety and operational integrity. Spring return tensioners deliver precise pre-load and efficient operation in these critical applications.

Wind turbine blade bearing bolts: These large-diameter bolts require significant pre-load for optimal performance. Spring return tensioners offer the needed force, combined with the ease of use and rapid cycling time ideal for confined spaces like nacelles.

Manufacturing and Assembly:

General chassis and engine assembly: Tightening suspension components, body panels, and critical engine components like cylinder head bolts can benefit from the controlled force and automatic retraction of spring return tensioners, improving both efficiency and accuracy.

High-volume bolting applications: Assembly lines often require rapid and consistent bolt tightening. Spring return tensioners with pre-programmed sequences and data recording capabilities streamline the process, ensuring quality and optimizing production speeds.

Robotics and automation integration: Their compact design and automatic features make spring return tensioners ideal for integration into robotic arms or automated assembly lines, boosting efficiency and reducing reliance on manual labor.

Other Advantages:

Improved safety: Elimination of manual piston retraction reduces the risk of injuries from accidental tool slippage or operator fatigue.

Ergonomic benefits: The automatic retraction minimizes operator effort and strain, reducing fatigue and potentially preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

Faster operation cycles: Compared to manual tensioners, their retraction mechanism significantly reduces bolt tightening time, improving overall process efficiency.

Data tracking and traceability: Modern models can record torque applied and other parameters, enabling quality control monitoring and traceability for critical applications.

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People Also Ask

The HTST series standard range tensioners are versatile and reliable hydraulic tensioners suitable for all bolting applications. They are optimized for top-side applications and designed to suit ANSI, ASME, and API flanges.

HTST Spring Return Tensioners incorporate powerful internal springs that reset the tensioner piston, reducing operator fatigue, and increasing the speed of the tensioning process. This feature is particularly beneficial for multi-bolt and multi-pass operations.

An internal valve in HTST tensioners prevents accidental piston over-stroke, ensuring there is no unnecessary downtime to effect a seal replacement. This feature contributes to both safety and operational efficiency.

HTST tensioners prioritize safety with features such as being CE marked, over-stroke protection, a max stroke indicator, pressure test certification, and a full-color operating and safety manual. These elements ensure safe and reliable operation.

HTST tensioners offer a range of options and features, including special threads, special load requirements, twin or single port configurations, special bridges for tight clearances, oil pressure calculations, long stroke designs, and interchangeable parts.

A spring return hydraulic bolt tensioner is used for applying precise and uniform tension to bolts during assembly. It ensures even clamping force, improving joint integrity and reliability.

Hydraulic tensioners work by using hydraulic pressure to extend a piston, which, in turn, stretches the bolt. The controlled tensioning process provides consistent and reliable bolted connections.

Bolt tensioning is essential for achieving uniform clamping force, preventing issues like gasket damage, leakage, and joint failure. It ensures the integrity and safety of the assembled components.

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