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The HY-Twin 230 pump is a robust 4-stage pump equipped with dual motors, providing exceptional power. It delivers twice the speed and oil flow compared to other systems, making it ideal for extensive hydraulic setups or multi-tool applications. With built-in casters for enhanced mobility and a five-gallon reservoir, it supports multiple substantial tools simultaneously.

The HY-AIR is a 4-stage pump designed to expedite cycle times and enhance overall productivity. With a streamlined design, one or two-gallon reservoir options, and straightforward controls, it offers enhanced mobility and swift setup procedures. The semi-automatic functionality ensures a quicker and more seamless bolting experience, making it a valuable tool for various applications.

The HY-115 electric power pack from HYTORC offers a blend of dependability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Operating at a quiet ~80 dB, it ensures a peaceful work environment. Equipped with an Oil Cooler to prevent overheating, uncomplicated controls streamline setup, and the option for an upgradeable semi-automatic feature enhances operational efficiency.

The HYTORC HY-EX 3-Stage Electric Pumps are licensed under EU-Directive 2014/34/EU (Atex 100a), class: 2014/34/EU, ensuring compliance with stringent safety standards. The pumps come with a precision-calibrated gauge and certificate, along with a remote control spanning 15 feet (5 meters). Optional 4-tool adapters enhance versatility.

The JetPro S-Air is an economically viable air-driven hydraulic power pack designed for hazardous environments. It offers top-tier dependability with a lightweight structure, a one-gallon reservoir for portability, and a user-friendly one-button control system. As part of an ATEX-approved bolting package, it ensures enhanced speed and efficiency in hazardous field operations.

The VECTOR MINI Pump is developed upon the VECTOR pump technology, demonstrating a remarkable reduction in size and weight by 25% and 35%, respectively. It offers exceptional maneuverability and portability. The pump comes in two variations: manual and fully automatic, with an optional documentation feature for comprehensive data recording.

The VECTOR TORQUE & ANGLE module enhances the versatility of the hydraulic power system with its 4-stage high-flow configuration and gauge-free operation. Operators can designate the HYTORC tool and set the desired angle remotely, ensuring precise Turn-of-Nut tightening without human errors. The documentation feature captures comprehensive job data, further boosting its utility.

The VECTOR Pump stands out as the swiftest fully automatic Hydraulic Power System due to its advanced 4-stage high-speed flow motor. Free from the need for gauges, operators can designate their HYTORC tool and set the desired torque remotely. The introduction of LCD pendant control and automated regulation provides a fully upgradeable and exceptionally intuitive experience. The manual pumps can be upgraded to fully automatic as needed.

The Remote Control Pendant for the hydraulic power systems features two push buttons with a 24 V DC supply. It includes a visual oil level gauge, safety interlock to switch off the power pack automatically after 60 seconds of idle time, and a temperature interlock that switches off the power pack if the hydraulic oil temperature rises above 80°C.

Torquing Pump image
Torquing Pump image
Torquing Pump image
Torquing Pump image
Torquing Pump image
Torquing Pump image
Torquing Pump image
Torquing Pump image
Torquing Pump image
Torquing Pump image

Torquing Pump

Torquing pumps, also referred to as hydraulic torque pumps, are specifically designed to simplify the process of tightening or loosening bolts, nuts, and other fasteners. These pumps apply torque with precision and generate the necessary hydraulic pressure, serving as an integral component of torque wrench systems. HYTORC offers a range of nine distinct models that can be selected according to specific requirements.

These pumps can be powered either pneumatically or electrically. The advanced, high-pressure hydraulic pumps are capable of simultaneously powering up to four tools. Torquing pumps are widely used in industries where precise torque application plays a crucial role, including automotive, construction, manufacturing, and more. These feature-rich pumps come equipped with a multi-tool manifold, an LCD display pendant, data recording functionality, single-operation capability, torque completion alerts, and various other attributes.





The HY-Twin 230 is a robust 4-stage pump, equipped with dual motors, offering exceptional power. It delivers twice the speed and oil flow compared to other existing systems. Tailored for extensive hydraulic setups or multi-tool applications, this pump is especially suitable. The HY-Twin 230 caters to the demands of sizable torque wrenches (10,000 ft.-lbs. and higher) while maintaining optimal speed. Enhanced mobility is achieved through built-in casters, enhancing maneuverability on various job sites. Featuring a five-gallon reservoir, the HY-TWIN 230 supplies sufficient oil to simultaneously support up to four substantial tools


  • Deadman switch. Remote or Foot Pedal
  • Extended Remotes in sizes from 20’ to 100’
  • Fire Guard for Remotes
  • Quick Connect Fitting/Couplers
  • Hour Meter
  • Different Grade Hydraulic oil (low temperature, high temperature, biodegradable)
Power  230v (30 Amp)
Gauge  0-10 k PSI (+/-1% Accuracy)
Reservoir Capacity (Tank optional) 5 gals./ 19 l
Stages 4
Weight 112 lbs / 51 kg
Maximum Oil Flow Rate 1480 cu.in./min / 24 l/min.
Oil Cooler Yes 
Protective Caging  Yes 
15' Remote Control Yes 
15' Twin Line Steel Braidded Hudraulic Hose Yes 

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