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The flange spreader boasts several key features: Ease of Use: The tool is easy, light, and highly practical to use, ensuring user-friendly operation. Accurate Height Adjustments: It facilitates accurate height adjustments, allowing tasks such as shaft alignment to be easily executed by a single person. Package Models: Package models are available, and interested parties are advised to get in touch with authorized distributors for specific details. Space Efficiency: Particularly suitable for situations where available space is limited, with an adjustable range from 5 to 40mm. Reduced Thickness of Jaws: The jaws, made of high-quality hardened steel, have a reduced thickness. This feature allows the flange spreader to be used effectively in jobs where working space is extremely limited. Versatile for Maintenance and Repair: The flange spreader is ideal for numerous industrial maintenance and repair jobs, showcasing its versatility across a range of applications.

The flange spreader is designed with jaws made of high-quality hardened steel, and these jaws have a reduced thickness. This design feature enhances the tool's versatility by allowing it to be used effectively in jobs where working space is extremely limited. The reduced thickness of the jaws is particularly advantageous in confined spaces, enabling the flange spreader to address tasks with spatial constraints effectively.

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Flange Spreader

Some flange joints provide minimum access gaps between them. HexForce flange spreaders are tools developed to assist in the spreading of flange joints. These flange spreaders are available in six models. Namely, BTS-FS-15EK, BTS-FS-15EMK, BTS-FS-25EK, BTS-FS-25EMK, HFSE-15, and BFSI-15.


  • Capacity - up to 25 ton 
  • Minimum weight – 3.3Kg
  • Minimum Spread – 5mm
  • Maximum Spread – 81mm


 ABS Flange Spreader



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