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InterBolt is a miniature, high-accuracy, and cost-effective bolt load sensor embedded into a bolt or stud. It allows for the measurement of preload in bolted connections both onsite and remotely, ensuring accurate tightening, eliminating the need for manual periodic inspections, and enabling the prediction and prevention of asset failures.

InterBolt provides two methods for monitoring bolt load onsite: inbuilt LED indicators on the InterBolt end cap and wireless connectivity to the InterBolt Tablet App. These features allow for quick verification of bolt load during and after tightening, ensuring accurate and repeatable tightening.

Conventional maintenance regimes often have delays in identifying failed bolted connections. InterBolt's remote bolt load monitoring provides continuous data that can predict degrading bolted connections, enabling preventative maintenance and reducing the risk of asset failure.

Continuous remote monitoring with InterBolt provides accurate long-term data, predicting potential bolt failure and enabling timely preventative maintenance. This approach is more proactive than time-based maintenance approaches with torque/tension tools.

Checking the tightness of bolted connections often requires manual tools operated by on-site technicians. InterBolt's remote bolt load monitoring eliminates this need, significantly reducing costs, minimizing asset downtime, and mitigating health and safety risks associated with manual bolt inspection.

InterBolt provides inbuilt LED indicators on the end cap and wireless connectivity to the InterBolt Tablet App for onsite bolt load verification. These features ensure quick and reliable confirmation of bolt load during and after the tightening process.

InterBolt is a wireless, battery-operated device. Its miniature size, high accuracy, and low-cost design make it suitable for measuring bolt load both onsite and remotely, contributing to accurate and repeatable bolted connections.

Embedding InterBolt into a bolt or stud allows for direct measurement of preload in bolted connections. This placement ensures accurate and reliable data on bolt load, contributing to the overall safety and reliability of assets.

By providing accurate bolt load measurements, InterBolt contributes to the safe and reliable operation of assets. Ensuring that bolted connections are tightened to a specified preload is crucial for the optimal performance and integrity of various assets.

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InterBolt introduces a smart solution for bolt load measurement with a compact device seamlessly integrated into the nut. This innovative device employs a straightforward LED indicator to verify and monitor bolt load both on-site, using the InterBolt Tablet, and remotely via the InterBolt Gateway.

Onsite Monitoring 

InterBolt offers two methods for on-site bolt load verification, allowing for a rapid check of bolt load:
1. Inbuilt LED Indicators on the InterBolt End Cap.
2. Wireless Connectivity to the InterBolt Tablet App.

Remote Monitoring 

To eliminate the requirement for on-site periodic bolt inspections, InterBolt enables remote, real-time monitoring of bolt load measurements without the need for on-site technicians.

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