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Tensioning pumps, also known as hydraulic tensioning pumps, are widely used in various industries to apply specific tensioning forces to nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. These pumps are typically used in conjunction with hydraulic tensioners. By applying hydraulic pressure to the tensioner, the pump facilitates the even distribution of load on the bolts. Tensioning pumps are available in different configurations, including hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric models, allowing for flexibility in matching specific application requirements, such as desired tensioning force and available power source.

TensionPro pumps have a proven track record of over 50 years in demanding environments. Among the notable options is the PAXX Air-powered hydraulic pump, which proves ideal for the task and is suitable for all high-pressure hydraulic systems. For applications involving 1500 bar hydraulic tensioners, the PASF-1500 is the go-to pump. Another compact and lightweight option is the PAMI-1500, weighing only 15kg, making it highly portable and suitable for confined spaces. With a 2.4L tank and a flow rate of nearly 0.1 l/min, the PAMI-1500 serves well in a wide range of tensioner applications.

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The common maximum pressure for a hydraulic tensioning pump can range from 700 to 10,000 psi, providing the necessary hydraulic force for tensioning applications.

Hydraulic pumps in tensioning applications typically run intermittently, engaging when tensioning is required and disengaging when the desired tension is achieved. This controlled operation conserves energy and enhances pump longevity.

Hydraulic tensioning focuses on applying tension to bolts, ensuring even and controlled clamping force. Torquing, on the other hand, involves tightening bolts by applying rotational force. Tensioning is preferred for critical joints requiring precise and uniform force distribution.

Hydraulic tensioning is a method of tightening bolts by using hydraulic force to stretch the bolt, ensuring even and controlled tension. It is crucial for applications where precise and uniform clamping force is essential.

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