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Battery Torque Wrenches- Lithium Series II
Battery Torque Wrenches- Lion Gun Dual Speed
Battery Torque Wrenches- Lion Gun Single Speed

Cordless Torque Wrench

A battery-operated torque wrench is always a convenient tool to have. HYTORC battery torque wrenches are designed to revolutionize bolting technology with enhanced functionality, adaptability, and easy handling.
Extended Functionality: With features such as the sliding directional switch, snug function, and user access levels, the cordless torque wrench offers remarkable ease of use.

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Battery Powered Torque Wrench Specifications

Maximum Torque (Nm) / (ft-lbs)                6779 / 5000
Minimum Torque (Nm) / (ft-lbs)                 33 / 25              
Maximum Weight (kg) / (lbs)                     10.20 / 22.4
Minimum Weight (kg) / (lbs)                      3.10 / 6.85     


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People Also Ask

HYTORC’s proprietary TorcSense™ Technology employs direct torque measurement sensors in a closed-loop control system to deliver highly precise and repeatable torque results.

Widely used in the structural industry, the Tool’s Snug function aligns bolting surfaces before precision tightening, significantly reducing manual effort.

The LITHIUM SERIES II Tool features a gearbox that is 20% stronger than its predecessor, incorporating thicker gears and more robust materials for enhanced durability.

The brushless motor in the LITHIUM SERIES II Tool boasts about 5 times greater life expectancy, contributing to prolonged tool life, increased efficiency, and durability.

Yes, HYTORC software is required for data transfer to the tool via Bluetooth® Wireless Technology.

Yes, the LITHIUM SERIES II Tool incorporates various features to increase lifespan and reduce maintenance, including an all-aluminum housing, nickel-plated exterior, rear shock guard, and wear-free Hall Sensors.

The LITHIUM SERIES II Tool offers three advanced bolting features: Turn Angle, Torque Check, and Rotation, catering to diverse applications.

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