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Battery Operated Torque Wrench

Battery Powered Torque Guns are convenience torque tools as there are no cords or hoses involved in the operation, offering great movability. Our battery torque guns offer torquing up to 15,000 Nm. Frequently used in the wind industry, these tools cater to aerospace, manufacturing, railways, automobile and various other industries.

Features and benefits of our cordless electric torque wrenches:

  • The brushless handle delivers superior power and efficiency, minimizing wear and tear for extended tool life.
  • Each tool comes equipped with a convenient reaction arm, dual batteries, a charger, retaining ring, and a carrying case for optimal portability.
  • Benefit from an automatic 2-speed gearbox that seamlessly adapts to your torque requirements.
  • Experience extended runtime with our energy-efficient design that optimizes battery life, completing more tasks on a single charge.

Now available: Battery Operated Torque Gun Rental Services for precision bolting

Battery Torque Wrench: Unleashing Enhanced Functionality

Our innovative battery torque wrenches redefine the concept of tightening applications by eliminating the need for cumbersome cords and hoses. This completely cordless design offers exceptional maneuverability in any working environment, allowing for effortless navigation in tight spaces, access to difficult-to-reach areas, and unhindered operation in any configuration.

Despite their cordless operation, these tools deliver impressive torque outputs of up to 15,000 Nm. This exceptional range makes them ideal for a wide array of demanding industrial applications where both precision and power are critical.


  • Wind Industry
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Railway Maintenance
  • Automobile Industry
  • Construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Heavy Machinery Maintenance
  • (and other industrial sectors)


  • Precise torque control for wind turbine components ensures optimal performance and extended lifespan.
  • Guarantee the structural integrity of critical aircraft components with accurate tightening.
  • Streamline assembly processes with efficient and accurate fastener tightening.
  • Maintain the safety and reliability of rolling stock through precise bolt tightening procedures.
  • Achieve precise torque specifications for various engine and chassis components.
  • Tightening tasks across construction, shipbuilding, heavy machinery maintenance, and various other industrial sectors.

Explore the remarkable features and advantages of our Cordless Electric Torque Wrench, your go-to solution for battery-powered bolting excellence:

  1. Advanced Battery-Powered Performance: Experience the next level of bolting efficiency with our Battery-Powered Torque Wrench. The brushless handle ensures superior power, minimizing wear for extended tool life.
  2. Comprehensive Cordless Convenience: Embrace the freedom of a cordless approach with our Cordless Torque Wrench. The all-inclusive package comprises a reaction arm, dual batteries, a charger, retaining ring, and a carrying case – your complete cordless bolting solution.
  3. Effortless Speed Control and Cordless Agility: Benefit from an automatic 2-speed gearbox, seamlessly adapting to torque requirements. This cordless torque wrench not only maximizes efficiency but also provides effortless speed control, enhancing user comfort during operations.
  4. Unmatched Performance in a Battery-Operated Package: Our energy-efficient design optimizes battery life, allowing extended runtime. The Battery Operated Wrench ensures you can complete more tasks on a single charge, delivering uninterrupted workflow and enhanced productivity in a battery-operated format.
  5. Exceptional Torque Capabilities for Cordless Power: Conquer diverse applications confidently with our Cordless Battery Torque Wrench, offering a torque range up to an impressive 15,000 Nm. This Battery Powered Torque Wrench combines strength, precision, and the freedom of battery-powered operation.

Elevate your bolting capabilities with our Cordless Electric Torque Wrench – a testament to cordless power, precision engineering, and battery-operated innovation.

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