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The AcraDyne DC electric assembly tool is recognized as one of the lightest and fastest tools in its category. When paired with the AcraDyne iEC tool controller, it delivers excellent productivity, ergonomics, reliability, and quality across a broad range of industrial assembly applications.

The tool cable is connected to the iEC controller and the AcraDyne DC electric assembly tool using connectors with curved alignment tabs and slots. Proper alignment is crucial to ensure a secure and accurate connection between the cable, tool, and controller. This design simplifies the connection process, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

The Multifunction Button (MFB) on the AcraDyne DC electric assembly tool serves to toggle the tool between clockwise mode (FWD) and counter-clockwise operation mode (REV). The MFB is located above the trigger. The tool starts in clockwise mode, with no LED lights initially turned on. Pressing the trigger turns on the blue LED, indicating the tightening operation. Pressing the MFB causes the tool to flash yellow and red LED lights. Pressing the MFB again switches the tool back to FWD mode.

To start the AcraDyne DC electric assembly tool, the operator depresses the Start Lever. Blue LED lights indicate tightening, and the tool automatically stops when it senses the target torque value or if no torque is sensed within a specified time period. After a cycle is complete, green LED lights indicate success, while red LED lights indicate failure to reach torque/angle. Previous cycle results remain lit until a new cycle surpasses the target torque value.

The AcraDyne DC electric assembly tool operates within an operating temperature range of 0°C to 32°C. It has a storage temperature range of 0°C to 65°C and specified humidity levels for different temperature ranges. The electrical specifications include a BLDC motor type, motor phase voltage, and recommended maximum duty cycles. For specific torque ranges and maximum speed, please refer to the product specifications.

The AcraDyne DC electric assembly tool has a weight of 4.05 lbs (1.84 kg). It comes with torque ranges based on model variants (AEP4P22030AV and AEP4P22050AV) and a maximum speed of 1,578 RPM. These specifications make it suitable for a variety of industrial assembly applications.

AcraDrive 2000 Series image

AcraDrive 2000 Series

The AcraDyne Discontinuous Drive Nutrunner is a valuable addition to the user-friendly GEN IV Ecosystem, enhancing choices in terms of speed, accuracy, and nearly reaction-free tightening within a single tool. This tool's impressive speed is achieved through its Discontinuous Drive and advanced data tracing capabilities, ensuring precision and efficiency. Torque measurements are conducted using an industry-standard Strain Gauge traceable transducer, guaranteeing reliability.


Maximum Torque (Nm) / (ft-lbs)                50 / 371
Minimum Torque (Nm) / (ft-lbs)                 18 / 13.3
Maximum Weight (kg) / (lbs)                     1.84 / 4.05
Minimum Weight (kg) / (lbs)                      1.84 / 4.05


 ABS Nutrunner - AcraDrive 2000 Series

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