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hydraulic bolt tensioner

HexForce Multi-Stage Bolt Tensioner

The HexForse multi-stage bolt tensioners offer versatility and dependability, serving as hydraulic bolt tensioners well-matched for demanding high-load and confined-space applications. Tailored for utilisation on wind turbines, this multi-stage hydraulic bolt tensioner is crafted to endure extended usage while requiring minimal maintenance.


Maximum Tensioner Load (kN) / (lbf)                      2244 / 494,560
Minimum Tensioner Load (kN) / (TONF)                  288 / 64,742
Bolt Dia (inch) / (metric)                                           1" - 2 1/2" / M24 - M64
Tool Height (mm)                                                       185 - 376


 ABS Multi-Stage Tensioner


  inch mm kN  lbf inch mm inch mm inch mm
HFMT-24 1” M24 288 64,742 2.36 60 7.4 185 0.28 7
HFMT-27 1-1/8" M27 375 84,300 2.6 66 7.62 193.5 0.28 7
HFMT-30 1-1/8" M30 462 1,03,858 2.83 72 7.91 201 0.28 7
HFMT-33 1-1/4" M33 572 1,28,586 3.07 78 8.5 216 0.31 8
HFMT-36 1-3/8" M36 670 1,50,616 3.25 82.5 9.04 229.5 0.39 10
HFMT-39 1-1/2" M39 802 1,80,290 3.62 92 10.31 263 0.39 10
HFMT-42 1-5/8" M42 920.5 2,06,928 3.86 98 10.31 262 0.39 10
HFMT-45 1-3/4" M45 1082 2,43,234 4.13 105 10.91 281.5 0.39 10
HFMT-48 1-7/8" M48 1222 2,74,706 4.37 111 11.56 293.5 0.39 10
HFMT-52 2" M52 1452 3,26,410 4.72 120 12.8 327 0.39 10
HFMT-56 2-1/4" M56 1675 3,76,540 5.04 128 12.99 330 0.39 10
HFMT-64 2-1/2” M64 2244 4,94,560 5.83 146 14.23 376 0.47 12


Multi-Stage Bolt Tensioner

HexForce Multistage Bolt Tensioners are your versatile and dependable partner in high-load, tight-space bolting scenarios. Specifically designed for wind turbine excellence, these hydraulic tensioners deliver long-life performance and minimal maintenance, tackling single bolts or efficiently tightening multiple joints in critical applications like slewing rings, power generation, and structural work.


  • Wind Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Power Generation
  • Construction
  • Railways
  • General Manufacturing


Wind turbine blade bearing bolts: Tightening large-diameter bolts on wind turbine blades requires significant pre-load for optimal performance and safety. Multistage tensioners provide the necessary force in a compact design, ideal for accessing confined spaces within the nacelle.

Heavy machinery assembly: In construction equipment, mining vehicles, and other heavy machinery, high-pre-load connections are crucial for structural integrity and component reliability. Multistage tensioners deliver the required force within tight working areas.

Pipelines and pressure vessels: Flange connections in high-pressure pipelines and vessels sometimes require pre-load beyond the capacity of single-stage tensioners. Multistage models provide the necessary force without excessive tool size or cumbersome equipment.

Nuclear power plants: Maintaining secure bolted connections in critical components within nuclear power plants demands precise pre-load and compact tools for access. Multistage tensioners cater to these needs with their high-force capabilities and maneuverability.


  • Fast Spring Piston Retract: Save time between tensioning cycles.
  • Geared Nut Run-Down: Achieve rapid initial thread engagement.
  • Spring-Located Sockets: Simplify setup and reduce operator fatigue.
  • Easy Handling and Positioning: Maneuver the tensioner effortlessly in cramped spaces.
  • Hose and Connection Protection: Minimize safety risks and potential damage.

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People Also Ask

The duo series multi-stage tensioners are versatile hydraulic bolt tensioners suitable for high load and tight space applications. They are optimized for use on wind turbines and designed for long-life, low-maintenance applications in various industries, including slewing rings, power generation, structural, and critical bolting.

duo Hydraulic Tensioners feature fast spring piston retract, geared nut run-down, and spring-located sockets, contributing to improved process time during each tensioning operation. This design prioritizes both speed and efficiency in the tensioning process.

duo Hydraulic Tensioners prioritize safety with an optional durable TWIST-GRIP handle integrated over the hydraulic connection. This not only facilitates easy handling and positioning of the tool but also protects the hose and inlet connection from unnecessary loading, providing an additional layer of safety. High cycle life, over-stroke protection, and the latest seal technology ensure low maintenance operation.

duo tensioners offer a range of options and features, including special threads, special load requirements, twin or single port configurations, protective handle, special bridge for tight clearances, swivel connections, cycle counter, gear drive nut run-down, spring piston return, misalignment compensation, and ARMOURMAX anti-corrosion, anti-wear coating.

- Multi-stage hydraulic bolt tensioners are designed for applications requiring sequential tensioning, allowing controlled tightening of bolts in multiple stages.

- Hydraulic tensioners operate by using hydraulic pressure to extend a piston, applying tension to the bolt. Multi-stage tensioners allow for sequential tensioning, improving control and accuracy.

The load loss factor in bolt tensioning refers to the reduction in tension force over time due to various factors, such as material relaxation, joint settling, and external loads. It quantifies the loss of preload in a bolted joint, impacting the joint's overall integrity.

Bolt tensioning is essential for achieving and maintaining the required clamping force in bolted joints. Proper tensioning ensures joint integrity, preventing issues like leakage, gasket damage, and joint failure. It enhances safety, reliability, and the overall performance of the assembly.

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