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torque wrench rentals
  • Our controlled bolting services could torque up to 1,87,779 Nm i.e. nut size up to 245 mm.

  • Unmatched Torque Capabilities and Tool Variety:

    Torque Range that Exceeds Expectations: We offer a staggering range of torque wrenches, handling up to a jaw-dropping 1,871,779 Nm. No job is too big or too small with our comprehensive selection.

    Tools for Every Need: Choose from hydraulic, electric, battery-operated, pneumatic, and manual torque wrenches. We cater to diverse applications with the right tool for the job. Guaranteed Joint Integrity through Superior Tools and Expertise:

    Built for Reliability: Our premium product line boasts the lowest probability of failure, minimizing risk and ensuring optimal joint integrity in critical applications.

    Simplifying the Complex: We have over 25 years of experience and a deep commitment to simplifying even the most intricate bolting jobs. Our expertise guarantees reliable and safe connections.

  • Proven Success in Key Industries:

    1. Oil and Gas: A cornerstone in the energy sector, our expertise is instrumental in oil and gas applications, ensuring robust and secure bolting solutions.

    2. Chemical Industry: Our commitment extends to the chemical sector, providing reliable torque solutions crucial for safety and integrity in chemical applications.

    3. Renewable Energy: Embrace sustainable energy with confidence. We stand as a trusted partner in the renewable energy sector, offering precise torquing solutions for critical components.

    4. Petrochemical Sector: Navigate the complexities of the petrochemical industry with our reliable torquing expertise, fostering secure connections vital for operational integrity.

    5. Automotive Manufacturing: Drive innovation and efficiency in automotive manufacturing. Our torque solutions contribute to the assembly precision in the production of vehicles.

    6. Construction Industry: Bolster construction projects with our proven torquing solutions. We play a crucial role in ensuring the structural integrity of diverse construction applications.

    7. Railways: Safeguard the reliability of railway infrastructure. Our torquing expertise contributes to the secure assembly of critical components in the railway industry.

    8. Mining Operations: In the demanding field of mining, our torquing solutions ensure robust connections critical for the safe and efficient operation of mining machinery.

  • A Proven Legacy of Excellence:

    1. Diverse Application Success: Our track record in diverse applications testifies to our commitment to excellence. From flanges to pipelines, pressure vessels, girder bolts, valves, turbines, and more, our solutions consistently meet the highest standards.

    2. Precision and Reliability: We take pride in consistently delivering precise and reliable torquing solutions, earning us a reputation for excellence in every industrial application we serve.

  • How Does It Benefit You?

    1. Tools with Unmatched Reliability: At ABS, we set ourselves apart by providing tools engineered for unparalleled reliability. Our commitment to quality ensures that our tools boast the lowest probability of failure in the industry.

    2. Safeguarding Joint Integrity: Joint integrity is a cornerstone in industrial operations. Our tools play a pivotal role as a significant factor in assuring the integrity of joints, providing robust connections that stand the test of time.

    3. Expertise in Simplifying Complexity: With over 25 years of experience, our team at ABS Torque excels in simplifying even the most intricate bolting jobs. Our expertise is a key element in ensuring that complex tasks, ranging from flanges and pipelines to pressure vessels, girder bolts, valves, turbines, and more, are executed with precision and efficiency.

    4. Proven Success in Industrial Applications: The diverse industrial landscape relies on our tools for critical applications. Whether securing flanges, pipelines, pressure vessels, girder bolts, valves, turbines, or other components, our tools consistently deliver the reliability and strength required.

    5. Unwavering Commitment to Excellence: Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. It is not just about offering tools; it is about providing solutions that meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring the utmost reliability in every bolting operation.

    6. Trusted Partner Across Industries: ABS Torque has established itself as a trusted partner across various industries, where joint integrity is non-negotiable. Our tools play a fundamental role in enhancing the reliability and longevity of connections in applications crucial to the industrial landscape

  • ABS: Your Partner For Successful Project Completion

    Unmatched Inventory: We have an impressive range of premium torque wrenches, including models capable of handling up to 245 mm nuts. With our expansive inventory, we have the right tool for any challenge.

    Expert Team at Your Service: Our highly skilled engineers are dedicated to meeting your needs promptly and efficiently. We consistently deliver on-time performance, often exceeding expectations.

  • About

    ABS provides torquing services with an impressive range of 1,87,779 Nm and the capacity to handle nut sizes up to 245 mm. Our inventory is equipped with the finest torque wrenches, ensuring precise and reliable solutions for your specific applications.

    With 25 years of experience in the bolting industry, we possess insights better than every competitor, to address your requirements. Our highly skilled team of engineers is dedicated to meeting your needs within the timeframe, often quicker.

People Also Ask

ABS Torque wrenches offer an impressive torque range, handling up to a staggering 1,871,779 Nm.

ABS Torque provides a comprehensive selection of torque wrenches, including hydraulic, electric, battery-operated, pneumatic, and manual options.

ABS Torque has demonstrated success in key industries such as Oil and Gas, Chemical Industry, Renewable Energy, Petrochemical Sector, Automotive Manufacturing, Construction Industry, Railways, and Mining Operations.

ABS Torque tools play a pivotal role in safeguarding joint integrity by providing robust connections, ensuring the reliability and longevity of joints in various industrial applications.

ABS Torque's legacy of excellence is based on diverse application success, precision, and reliability in torquing solutions, and over 25 years of experience in simplifying complex bolting jobs.

ABS Torque benefits its customers by providing tools with unmatched reliability, safeguarding joint integrity, expertise in simplifying complex tasks, proven success in industrial applications, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

ABS Torque sets itself apart by offering tools engineered for unparalleled reliability, a proven track record in diverse industrial applications, and a commitment to excellence that exceeds industry standards.

ABS Torque is a trusted partner due to its unwavering commitment to joint integrity, providing tools for critical applications, and establishing itself as a reliable solution provider in various industries.

ABS Torque wrenches have the capacity to handle nut sizes up to 245 mm, offering a versatile solution for a wide range of applications.

ABS Torque ensures on-time performance and efficiency through its expert team of highly skilled engineers, dedicated to meeting customer needs promptly and often exceeding expectations.

Torquing is the process of tightening bolts to a specified torque. It is crucial for ensuring the integrity and stability of various structures and components.

  • - Calibrate regularly.
  • - Store in a protective case.
  • - Avoid over-torquing or using it as a breaker bar.

Torque specifications are usually provided by the equipment or component manufacturer. Consult the product manual or guidelines for the correct torque values.

Set the torque wrench to the desired value using the adjustment mechanism on the wrench, and then tighten the bolt until the wrench clicks or signals the specified torque has been reached.

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