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The FTY test bench is designed to test and evaluate torque tools and torque wrenches using SCS (Simulation Control System) technology. It enables joint simulation, covering a range from hard joints to soft joints. The bench allows for precise definition of the torque/angle curve for fasteners, replicating the joint behavior in its original state, whether completely or partially untightened.

The FTY bench is versatile and can test a variety of torque tools, including electronic/digital wrenches, click wrenches, pneumatic tools, electric tools, battery tools, and pulse tools (except impact wrenches). It caters to a wide range of tools commonly used in production and assembly processes.

The system can simulate any tightening strategy based on input parameters, allowing users to define each step of the tightening process. It also provides the flexibility to define the "START" of the simulation, which is particularly useful when a fastener is pre-tightened before entering the production station.

The FTY bench is fully customizable to meet the unique requirements of each customer. This ensures that the testing setup aligns with specific production needs and torque tool characteristics.

The FTY bench incorporates Statistical Process Control (SPC), including the measurement of machine capability (Cm, Cmk) and X, R charts. This allows users to assess and control the variability in torque tool performance during testing.

Yes, the FTY bench is designed to meet international standards such as ISO 6789 and ISO 5393, ensuring that torque tools are tested in accordance with recognized industry benchmarks.

The FTY bench offers a fast and easy setup process, enhancing efficiency in the testing and evaluation of torque tools. This user-friendly feature is crucial for streamlining production line processes.

Users have the option to perform standalone programming or utilize the SQnet+ quality management software for programming. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into existing quality control systems.

The FTY bench includes a "Click point auto detection" feature specifically designed for click wrenches. This ensures accurate and reliable testing of click-type torque tools, enhancing the overall precision of the testing process.

Yes, the FTY bench includes a joint editor for non-linear joints, enabling multistep simulations. This feature is valuable for replicating the behavior of joints that do not follow a linear tightening pattern, providing a comprehensive testing capability.

Calibration Bench image

Calibration Bench

ABS provides the FTY test bench which utilizes SCS technology to perform joint simulation, covering a range from hard joint to soft joint. This capability allows for testing of all torque tools and torque wrenches using a standardized production line-programmed methodology. With the FTY bench, it is possible to precisely define the torque / angle curve for the fastener that will be used with the torque tools.


  • Tool test: wrenches (electronic/digital, click), pneumatic, electric and battery tools, pulse tools (except impact wrenches)
  • Statistical Process Control: Measurement of machine capability (Cm, Cmk) and X, R charts
  • Test according to ISO 6789 and ISO 5393





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