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The Sonar ultrasonic TOF measurement device is a versatile unit designed to measure, display, store, and transfer bolt load and elongation data. It utilizes a hybrid technique, combining analogue and digital signal processing for fast signal acquisition and precise single-shot TOF measurement. The device features a rugged, sealed color touch screen for easy operator use, and the data is logically presented on a 4.3” color resistive touch screen, usable with gloves. It includes automatic temperature compensation through a magnetic temperature probe and a secure memory system for data storage and transfer via USB to a computer.

The Sonar ultrasonic TOF measurement device is powered by proven Li Ion batteries or through dual charger inputs. It supports fast charge using a standard external 9V supply or the waterproof micro USB connector from any standard 5V USB device, battery pack, or power supply. This ensures convenient and reliable operation, offering flexibility in power sources.

The Sonar ultrasonic TOF measurement device boasts several key features, including a light and rugged case, a color touch display, IP44 rating, real-time signal tracking, easy and intuitive operation, secure data collection with password protection, flexible and programmable data storage, programmable pulser, high-resolution output, long-life rechargeable Li Ion cells, various transducer options, and a real-time clock. It contributes to ensuring the integrity of bolted joints by providing quick verification of bolt load, ensuring correct tightening to design specifications, and enabling long-term monitoring for the integrity of bolted joint assemblies.

The Sonar ultrasonic TOF measurement device helps address concerns related to joint leakage and mechanical or fatigue failure by ensuring that bolted joints are tightened correctly to the design specification. It provides a quick verification of bolt load, allowing users to identify and rectify any issues promptly. This proactive approach helps prevent joint leakage and enhances the overall integrity and reliability of bolted joint assemblies.

The Sonar ultrasonic TOF measurement device features dimensions of 179x179x45mm and weighs 1.5 kg. It incorporates a color, sunlight-readable, touch display using the latest technology. The device is designed to be light, rugged, and portable, making it suitable for use in various applications and environments.

The Sonar ultrasonic TOF measurement device ensures data security through secure data collection with password protection. It offers flexible and programmable data storage, allowing users to customize how data is stored. The device includes a real-time clock, and date/time information is stored with every reading. The secure memory system also enables the transfer of data via USB to a computer for further analysis and retrieval.

The Sonar ultrasonic TOF measurement device operates in a temperature range from -20°C to +70°C, providing flexibility for use in diverse environments. Its full range of magnetic, non-magnetic, and glue-on transducers further enhances its adaptability, making it suitable for a wide variety of bolt applications.

Ultrasonic Bolt Measurement image

Ultrasonic Bolt Measurement

After preload, ultrasonic testing offers precise bolt tension assessment. It entails directing an ultrasonic signal down the fastener and timing how long it takes for it to come back up. The device shows the data and sends it to another device. To accomplish accurate single-shot time-of-flight measurement, the system uses a hybrid technique that combines the benefits of analog and digital signal processing techniques. The software of this device is specifically developed for the bolting industry, ensuring ease of use and quick understanding for industry professionals.


 ABS Sonar


Lemo 00: ultrasonic and 0B: temperature and I/O communication
USB - Rugged, sealed USB micro-B 
SSR switched on programmable limits
SSR EN50130-4 compliant
ARM® Cortex™- M4 Microprocessor

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