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Hydraulic Tensioner

HexForce Direct Fit Hydraulic Tensioner

When space is tight and loads are heavy, the HexForce direct fit hydraulic tensioners step up to conquer the challenge. This ingenious one-piece design delivers a perfect fit for confined environments, eliminating the need for bulky adapters and simplifying setup.

Gone are the days of frequent maintenance hassles. The streamlined design of our hydraulic tensioner minimises wear and tear, keeping your bolting operations running smoothly. Plus, its versatility allows for customisation to specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance for any task.


 ABS Direct Fit Tensioner


Direct Fit Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner

Stop wrestling with bulky torque wrenches and struggling to access tight spaces. The  hydraulic bolt tensioner is here to revolutionize your bolting game. This innovative tool combines the power of hydraulics with a compact, one-piece design, offering unmatched precision, safety, and efficiency for all your bolting needs.


Compact design: Eliminates the need for separate pumps and hoses, making it ideal for confined spaces and overhead work.
Integrated puller: Simplifies operation and reduces setup time.
High-pressure hydraulics: Delivers precise and consistent bolt preload, regardless of joint conditions.
Digital control: Ensures accurate and repeatable tensioning, eliminating guesswork.
Variety of sizes and configurations: Available to fit a wide range of bolt diameters and applications.


Improved safety: Minimizes the risk of injuries associated with manual torque wrenches.
Increased productivity: Faster setup, faster bolting, and faster completion of tasks.
Enhanced accuracy: Eliminates errors and ensures consistent bolt preload.
Reduced downtime: Minimizes the risk of leaks and ensures long-lasting performance.
Lower maintenance costs: No need for separate pumps and hoses, reducing maintenance needs.


Heavy machinery repair and maintenance
Pipeline construction and maintenance
Wind turbine assembly and maintenance
Bridge construction and maintenance
Chemical plants and refineries
Any application requiring precise and safe bolting in tight spaces

Investing in a hydraulic bolt tensioner is an investment in efficiency, safety, and peace of mind. Experience the difference with ABS and take your bolting operations to the next level!

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The compact design eliminates the need for separate pumps and hoses, making it ideal for confined spaces and overhead work. This feature enhances accessibility in tight areas, simplifying bolting operations.

The integrated puller simplifies operation and reduces setup time, streamlining the bolting process and contributing to overall efficiency.

The tensioner is available in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit a wide range of bolt diameters and applications, offering versatility for different bolting needs.

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