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Fixtured Assembly Solutions: Fixtured Nut runner

Building Block Brilliance: The Modular Advantage

The heart of the ESX Fixtured Spindle lies in its modular design. Seamlessly mix and match components like measurement transducers or outputs, tailoring the spindle to your exact needs. This flexibility ensures you deploy the perfect tool for every application, eliminating the need for compromise.

Lightness of Touch: The Digital Cable Advantage

Gone are the days of bulky, cumbersome cables hindering spindle maneuverability. ESX Fixtured Spindles have a slender, lightweight, and flexible digital cable that seamlessly connects to the control unit, which translates to improved accessibility, reduced operational fatigue, and enhanced precision in tight spaces.

Master of Maneuvering: The Rotating Joint Advantage

No more struggling with awkward cable angles or limited reach. The innovative rotating joint hybrid plug empowers the ESX Fixtured Spindle to adapt to any installation scenario. Precise adjustments guarantee optimal cable routing, maximizing efficiency and ensuring smooth operation regardless of your workspace constraints.


ESX Fixtured Spindles: A Symphony of Precision and Performance

Building the Perfect Tool, Every Time

The ESX Fixture Spindles embrace a revolutionary modular design. Think building blocks for bolting brilliance! Mix and match measurement transducers, outputs, and even the cable connection to tailor the spindle to your precise needs. No more one-size-fits-all limitations, just optimal performance for every application.

Agility and Efficiency

Say goodbye to clunky cables! The ESX boasts a slender, lightweight, and digital cable that seamlessly connects to the control unit. This digital communication magic translates to improved maneuverability, reduced fatigue, and enhanced precision in tight spaces. No more struggling with cable limitations, just smooth operation and control.

Integrated Status Display for Instant Insights

Forget external displays and messy troubleshooting. The ESX integrates a status display right into the spindle, showcasing operation and communication status, alongside the quality statement of the last tightening. Diagnose disruptions in a flash, simplify handling device setups, and enjoy ultimate clarity in every operation.

Intelligent Workload Management

With the ESX, maintenance becomes a breeze. Its integrated maintenance management system tracks spindle load and suggests service only when truly needed. No more unnecessary downtime, just efficient maintenance based on actual usage, saving you time and resources.

Action Torque Sensors for Absolute Confidence

Experience bolting bliss with the highest levels of precision. The ESX uses cutting-edge action torque sensors placed directly on the output shaft, close to the fastener itself. This eliminates any wear-related influence on torque readings, guaranteeing secure and reliable tightening regardless of drive conditions.

Sensor Fusion for Maximum Process Reliability

Meeting the VDI 2862 standards for class A fastening connections? The ESX has you covered. It employs a dual-sensor system, using an action torque sensor and angle transmitter in the control circuit, and a reaction torque sensor with rotor bearing angle recording in the check circuit. This continuous monitoring ensures extended reference measurement intervals for ultimate process reliability.

Fixtured Spindle Nut Runner Applications 

Securing Gearboxes in Wind Turbines 

1. Bolts Connecting Gear Assemblies:

Imagine the gearbox as a complex system of interlocking gears. Fixture spindle nutrunners hold these gears together with precise torque application on dedicated bolts securing shafts, bearings, and gear casings.

Accuracy is crucial: Over-tightening can cause gear misalignment, premature wear, and even gear tooth breakage, leading to catastrophic failures and expensive repairs. Under-tightening can result in gear slippage, power loss, and increased noise.

Specific examples:

  • Tightening pinion gear shaft connection bolts for efficient power transmission from the turbine blades.
  • Securing intermediate gear assemblies responsible for speed multiplication within the gearbox.
  • Fastening planetary gear sets that convert the high-speed rotation to drive the generator.

2. Housing Bolts Securing the Gearbox to the Nacelle:

The nacelle houses the gearbox and generator, atop the wind turbine tower. Fixture spindle nutrunners ensure its secure connection to the gearbox with precise torque on critical foundation bolts.

Stability and load distribution: Accurate torque prevents excessive vibration and stress on the housing, protecting sensitive internal components and the entire turbine structure from wind gusts and dynamic forces.

Specific examples:

  • Tightening primary flange bolts connecting the gearbox to the nacelle base frame.
  • Securing secondary support mounts ensuring stability and load distribution.
  • Fastening access panel bolts for maintenance and inspection purposes.

3. Bearing Assembly Bolts Ensuring Smooth Shaft Rotation:

Bearings play a vital role in minimizing friction and ensuring smooth rotation of shafts within the gearbox. Fixture spindle nutrunners play a crucial role in their proper installation and operation.

Balancing act: Over-tightening can damage the bearings, while under-tightening can cause excessive play and vibration, impacting efficiency and longevity.

Specific examples:

  • Tightening inner and outer race bearing housing bolts for optimal shaft alignment and rotation.
  • Securing bearing preload adjustment bolts for maintaining the correct contact pressure within the bearing set.
  • Fastening bearing caps and retainer plates for complete assembly and protection.

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People Also Ask

The modular design of ESX Fixture Spindles allows individual components such as measurement transducers or output to be combined as needed. This flexibility enables customization to specific requirements. Additionally, the innovative rotating joint hybrid plug facilitates gradual adjustment of the cable connection based on the installation situation of the spindle.

ESX Fixture Spindles communicate digitally with the control system. This digital communication reduces the number of wires, resulting in a thin, flexible, and lightweight spindle cable. Even in redundant constructions with two measurement transducers for torque and rotational angle recording, the spindle is connected to the control through a hybrid cable for data and performance.

The integrated status display in ESX Fixture Spindles offers several advantages. It displays operation and communication status, along with the quality statement of the last tightening application through LEDs. This simplifies the diagnosis of disruptions, eliminating the need for a separate display panel when the spindle is used in a handling device.

The integrated maintenance management system in ESX Fixture Spindles determines tool maintenance based on the load. Maintenance is only carried out when required, optimizing the performance and longevity of the spindle. This proactive approach ensures that maintenance efforts are focused and efficient.

Action torque sensors in AMT Fixture Spindles ensure the highest precision during the tightening process. These sensors detect torque directly on the output shaft, close to the actual fastener position. Changes in the effectiveness of angle or offset drives due to wear have no influence on the tightening torque. This design ensures secure fastening applications independent of the mechanical condition of the drive.

The VDI Guideline 2862 recommends redundant sensor systems for class A fastening connections. AMT spindles implement this by recording fastening values through a control circuit (torque recording by action torque sensor with angle transmitter) and a check circuit (reaction torque sensor, angle recording using rotor bearing). Continuous monitoring of these values significantly extends the time interval between dynamic reference measurements, enhancing process reliability.

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