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AMT Battery Powered Nut runner 

Unleashing Flexibility: One Control Unit, 10 Tools, Endless Possibilities

Imagine the power of controlling up to 10 industrial fastening tools simultaneously, all from a single control unit. AMT's battery-powered marvels make this a reality, revolutionizing efficiency and streamlining your workflow. Whether tackling large projects or managing diverse assembly lines, experience unparalleled flexibility and control every step of the way.

Ergonomic Excellence: Crafted for Comfort and Productivity

Fatigue fades away with AMT's ergonomic design. Each tool boasts a thoughtfully crafted handle, reducing strain and maximizing operator comfort. No matter your hand size or dominant hand, the versatile switch ring adapts to your needs, letting you program NIO acknowledgments, select programs, and control operations effortlessly.

Quality and Performance Without Compromise

Never settle for anything less than exceptional. AMT tools deliver on their promise of unyielding quality and high performance. From robust construction to reliable operation, expect results that consistently meet the demands of industrial fastening applications.


AMT Rechargeable Battery Nut Runner: Power, Comfort, and Precision in Perfect Harmony 

Ergonomics Redefined: Forging Comfort into Every Fastening Process

The automotive industry and its suppliers demand the best, and AMT delivers. Ergonomic of these battery operated nutrunner design takes center stage in these portable, rechargeable tools, featuring:

  • Comfortable Grip: A sculpted hand grip minimizes operator fatigue and optimizes comfort.
  • Versatile Controls: A bi-directional ring allows for clockwise/counterclockwise operation and features additional programmable functions for customized control.
  • Enhanced Feedback: Status displays with LEDs indicate rotation direction and offer additional functionalities like NOK acknowledgment and release.
  • Intuitive Operation: An ergonomically placed START key crafted from polished stainless steel adds a touch of quality and comfort.
  • Durable Design: A one-piece, angle head with 4x90° rotation delivers maximum durability and reliability.

This optimized ergonomic design, coupled with a lightweight configuration, reduces operator strain and boosts individual productivity, ultimately lowering production costs.

Built to Endure: Robust Design for Maximum Uptime

AMT battery operated nutrunner tools are built to thrive in tough industrial environments. The polyamide handgrip with strong fiberglass reinforcement and high-strength polyurethane motor cover provide exceptional durability. Both the motor and gearbox are optimized for long-life operation, minimizing maintenance costs and maximizing uptime.

Smart Tools: Integrated Data Chip for Streamlined Workflow

Say goodbye to tedious parameter setup. These tools store all relevant spindle data on an integrated chip, instantly accessible by any AMT control upon connection. The chip also tracks fastening cycles, enabling customized service intervals based on preventive maintenance, saving you time and resources.

Secure and Precise Fastening: Guaranteed Quality, Every Time

Consistent high-quality results are ensured with reaction torque sensors and Hall sensors for rotation angle data. The controls monitor both torque and rotation angle, and current consumption serves as a redundant control variable. This multi-layered approach guarantees safe, reliable, and high-quality fastening in every assembly.

Integrated Efficiency: Barcode Reader and Wireless Data Transfer

Save time and reduce assembly costs with the integrated barcode reader in the AMT battery operated nutrunner. Scan parts and retrieve the correct fastening program in one simple step. Data transfer between the tool and control happens wirelessly through a secure and reliable WLAN module.

Battery Operated Nutrunner Applications

Drivetrain and Electrical System Applications of Nutrunners:

1. Connecting Transmission and Differential Components:

Precise Torque Control for Optimal Performance: Nutrunners play a crucial role in tightening clutch components, gears, and differential assemblies within the drivetrain. Accurate torque application ensures proper engagement, smooth power transfer, and optimal fuel efficiency.

Specific Examples:

  • Tightening bell housing bolts connecting the engine to the transmission.
  • Securing differential case bolts for precise gear alignment and power distribution.
  • Fastening driveshaft coupling bolts for efficient power transfer to the wheels.


2. Tightening Driveshafts and Propellershafts for Smooth Power Transfer:

Eliminating Vibrations and Wear: Improperly tightened driveshafts or propellershafts can cause excessive vibrations, noise, and premature wear of components. Nutrunners ensure consistent torque across all bolts, leading to smooth power transfer and extended drivetrain life.

Specific Examples:

  • Tightening U-joint bolts or flange connections on driveshafts connecting the transmission to differentials.
  • Securing propeller shaft bolts on boats or aircraft for smooth power transfer to the propellers.
  • Fastening universal joints in off-road vehicles for optimal performance and handling.


Electrical System

1. Securing Battery Terminals and Electrical Components:

Reliable Power Delivery and Safety: Loose battery terminals or improperly tightened electrical connections can lead to power outages, malfunctions, and even fires. Nutrunners ensure precise torque on battery terminals and electrical component bolts, guaranteeing reliable power delivery and safety.

Specific Examples:

  • Tightening battery terminal bolts for secure connection and optimal current flow.
  • Securing alternator, starter, and other electrical component mounting bolts for proper function and vibration dampening.
  • Fastening fuse box and wiring harness connections for reliable power distribution and circuit protection.


2. Grounding Various Parts of the Electrical System:

Preventing Circuit Malfunctions and Corrosion: Proper grounding is crucial for preventing electrical malfunctions and corrosion within the system. Nutrunners ensure consistent torque on grounding points, ensuring good electrical contact and preventing potential issues.

Specific Examples:

  • Tightening chassis ground straps and engine block grounding bolts for effective grounding.
  • Securing electrical component grounding points for optimal circuit protection and function.
  • Fastening ground wires of lights, sensors, and other electronic components for reliable operation.

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People Also Ask

Yes, battery tools can be seamlessly connected to a nutrunner control system, working alongside cable-based tools, torque wrenches, and battery riveters. The nutrunner control system serves as the central hub, communicating with customer controls, managing commands, and transmitting results to the customer database. This integration optimizes the design of the nutrunning system for workstations, reducing room and hardware requirements. Shared hard- and software minimize time and expenditure for commissioning and maintenance, ultimately saving money, reducing operating costs, and increasing productivity.

Operation and administration of the nutrunner software are conducted directly at the nutrunner control system, utilizing a 10.4" touch screen interface. All necessary programming and parameterization steps can be easily set through the touch screen. The hierarchic password management prevents unwanted changes in the settings, ensuring security. The user-oriented, menu-guided touch display user surface eliminates the need for a keyboard or mouse, providing flexibility in daily work. This setup allows for a more intuitive and efficient user experience.

The nutrunner control system features a low-depth enclosure of just 205 mm, making it ideal for direct installation at the assembly line. This design choice facilitates direct contact with the control system, providing easy access to all information. The compact enclosure reduces room requirements, contributing to space efficiency. Additionally, the shared hard- and software, combined with the mobility (No Cables) of the tools, contributes to increased productivity, improved quality, and reduced production costs.

The nutrunner control system, by integrating various tools and offering a user-friendly touch screen interface, contributes to increased productivity. The low-depth enclosure allows for direct installation at the assembly line, providing quick access to control system information. This, coupled with the mobility (No Cables) of the tools, enhances operational efficiency. Shared hard- and software reduce commissioning and maintenance time and costs. The overall result is improved quality, reduced production costs, and increased productivity for the user.

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