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Introducing the HYTORC GRIP-TIGHT Nut, a groundbreaking solution to safeguard your commercial fleet against wheel installation-related mishaps. Specifically designed for heavy-duty truck and trailer hub-piloted wheels, the GRIP-TIGHT Nut offers an instant upgrade in safety and performance.

This proprietary innovation, proudly bearing patent-pending status, effectively neutralizes the impact of side loads, all while delivering a reaction component free from pinch points. This design enhancement significantly enhances the precision and safety of torque operations.


 ABS Fasteners - Grip Tight Nut


DZAK-HGTN-M22 2.490 2.205 2.031 3.973 1.076 2.402 3/4 2.600
DZAK-HGTN-M22 63 56 30 100 27 61 19 1.17


Secure Your Fleet with Uncompromising Precision: Introducing the HYTORC GRIP-TIGHT™ Nut


The HYTORC GRIP-TIGHT™ Nut represents a paradigm shift in wheel installation technology for heavy-duty trucks and trailers. This innovative design eliminates the detrimental influence of side loads, ensuring unwavering clamping force and unparalleled safety.

Unleashing the Power of Controlled Torque:

  • The patent-pending GRIP-TIGHT™ Nut mitigates lateral forces through its ingenious geometry, guaranteeing optimal clamping force distribution and preventing thread damage.
  • This pinch-point-free design fosters a safer work environment by eliminating the need for cumbersome reaction arms.
  • Cordless compatibility empowers operators to leverage the efficiency and convenience of modern digital tooling systems.

Uncompromising Quality and Performance:

  • Made in the USA with high-strength, through-hardened carbon steel, the GRIP-TIGHT™ Nut delivers unyielding durability for robust performance even in demanding applications.
  • Precision-engineered geometry and optimized coatings ensure consistent torque-to-clamping force conversion, eliminating inconsistencies and promoting optimal wheel security.
  • M22X1.5 threads, 33mm hex, and 27mm height guarantee seamless integration with existing heavy-duty truck and trailer wheel hubs.

Experience the GRIP-TIGHT™ Advantage:

  • Enhanced Safety: Eliminate pinch points and side load risks, fostering a safer work environment for your team.
  • Improved Efficiency: Embrace the convenience and efficiency of cordless tooling systems.
  • Unwavering Reliability: Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your wheels are secured with uncompromising precision.
  • Reduced Costs: Minimize downtime and maintenance expenses associated with wheel-related incidents.


Invest in the future of wheel installation with the HYTORC GRIP-TIGHT™ Nut and experience the transformative power of unwavering security.

After the sale, we are delighted to assist you with any technical concerns or inquiries. Don't hesitate—let's connect! Feel free to reach out to us via phone: 828282-9795 or drop us an email at [email protected]. We're here to help and ensure your satisfaction.

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People Also Ask

The HYTORC GRIP-TIGHT™ Nut is designed to protect commercial fleets from wheel installation-related incidents. It serves as an instant upgrade for heavy-duty truck and trailer hub piloted wheels, addressing issues associated with side loads and providing a pinch point-free reaction component for applied torque.

The GRIP-TIGHT™ Nut employs a patent-pending washer profile with special geometry, allowing for the rotationally coupling of the washer to the HYTORC reaction socket. This design eliminates pinch points and removes undesirable side loads during torque application, ensuring controlled and safe torqueing.

The GRIP-TIGHT™ Nut is made from through-hardened carbon steel, and each free-spinning washer is made from through-hardened and tempered chrome-moly steel. The nut's geometry and coatings are designed to create a consistent and efficient translation from torque to clamping force.

The GRIP-TIGHT™ Nut has M22X1.5 threads, a 33mm hex, 27mm height, and a 46mm washer diameter. It complies with the technical requirements of various standards and can be torqued and loosened with common impact guns and wrenches.

The washer profile acts as a coaxial reaction point when coupled to the HYTORC reaction socket, eliminating pinch points and preventing undesirable side loads during torqueing. This feature enhances safety and efficiency in wheel nut installations.

Yes, the GRIP-TIGHT™ Nut can be torqued and loosened with common impact guns and wrenches. The unique washer profile makes it feasible to upgrade to cordless digital tooling systems, increasing efficiency, maintaining quality, and enhancing safety in wheel nut installations.

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