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Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners

HexForce Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner

The HexForce standard range bolt tensioners embody versatility and dependability, serving as hydraulic tensioners well-suited for a wide spectrum of bolting applications. Their optimisation for top-side operations makes them particularly fitting for tightening ANSI, ASME, and API flanges.


Maximum Tensioner Load (kN) / (TONF)                 4903 / 500
Minimum Tensioner Load (kN) / (TONF)                  233 / 23.8
Bolt Thread Size (inch) / (metric)                              3/4" - 5 3/4" / M16 - M150
Maximum Pressure (bar)                                           1500


 ABS Standard Tensioner


  inch mm TONF kN mm² bar mm A B C D E F
HFST-11 - M16 233 23.8 1555 1500 12 72 31 64 79.3 44 74
3/4" M20
7/8" M22
1" M24
1-1/8" M27
HFST-12 1-1/8" M27 443 44 2884 1500 15 108 42 89 101.2 58.1 102.1
- M30
1-1/4" M33
1-3/8" M36
1-1/2" M39
HFST-13 1-1/2" M39 791 80 5271 1500 15 136 54 89 116 58 132.47
1-5/8" M42
1-3/4" M45
1-7/8" M48
2" M52
HFST-14 2" M52 1267 129 8445 1500 15 172 65.5 102 119.5 58 162
2-1/4" M56
2-1/2" M64
HFST-15 2-1/2" M64 1830 186 12197 1500 15 200 76 98 131 64 187
2-3/4" M72
3" M76
HFST-16 3" M76 2502 255 16682 1500 15 235 94 125 163 68 218
3-1/4" M80
3-1/2" M90
HFST-17 3-1/2" M90 2629 268 17530 1500 15 245 102 125 148 66 245
3-3/4" M95
4" M100
HFST-18 4" M100 3802 387.7 25349 1500 15 286 122 133 157 73 284
4-1/2" M110
5" M125
HFST-19 5" M125 4903 500 32688 1500 15 335 143 165 191 78 325
5-1/4" M130
5-3/4" M150

Standard Bolt Tensioner Tool : Versatility, Efficiency, and Cutting-Edge Performance

Our standard tensioner shines as the go-to high-pressure bolt tensioner for diverse applications. Optimized for top-side tasks, they expertly handle ANSI, ASME, and API flanges, making them a versatile asset for various industries.


  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Power Generation
  • Construction
  • Wind Energy
  • Railways
  • General Manufacturing


  • Flanges are metal rings bolted together to create seals between pipes, vessels, and other components. Leaks in these connections can have disastrous consequences, ranging from environmental damage to safety hazards.
  • Traditional torque-based tightening methods often fail to achieve consistent pre-load on all bolts, leading to uneven pressure distribution and potential leakage points.
  • Pipelines: Standard tensioners secure flanges in oil and gas pipelines, water distribution systems, and chemical processing plants, ensuring safe and reliable flow of fluids.
  • Pressure vessels: These tools play a crucial role in tightening flanges on vessels containing pressurized gases, liquids, or chemicals, crucial for safe operation and compliance with regulations.
  • Heat exchangers: Flange connections in heat exchangers need precise pre-load to maintain optimal heat transfer and prevent energy loss or equipment damage.
  • Other industrial equipment: From turbines and compressors to reactors and filters, standard tensioners guarantee secure flange connections across various industrial applications.


  • Quick and Easy Setup: Manual installation takes mere minutes, minimizing downtime.
  • Multi-Tool Harnessed Power: Combine multiple tools for rapid bolt tightening, boosting productivity.
  • Uniform Joint Compression: The design ensures even pressure distribution, leading to consistent bolt loading and superior joint performance.
  • Special Threads and Load Requirements: Cater to unique situations with specialized configurations.
  • Twin or Single Port Options: Choose the ideal port setup for your workflow.
  • Tight Clearance Bridge: Overcome limited space challenges with a dedicated bridge design.
  • Oil Pressure Calculations: Get expert assistance with pressure estimations.
  • Long Stroke Designs: Extend reach for deeper access.
  • Interchangeable Parts: Enjoy easier maintenance and repairs.
  • High-Temperature Options: Tackle demanding environments with heat-resistant solutions.
  • CE Marking: Ensures compliance with stringent European safety standards.
  • Over-Stroke Protection: Safeguards against exceeding stroke limits.
  • Max Stroke Indicator: Provides clear visual reference for stroke position.
  • Pressure Test Certification: Guarantee equipment integrity through rigorous testing.
  • Comprehensive Manuals: Get clear instructions and safety guidelines.
  • Long-Life Performance: Invest in durable, dependable tools built to last.


After Sales Support

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People Also Ask

The HTS Hydraulic Tensioners are optimized for top-side applications, making them suitable for tightening ANSI, ASME, and API flanges.

HTS Hydraulic Tensioners are quick and easy to use, providing improved speed for the bolt tightening process. They can be installed by hand in minutes, and when multiple tools are harnessed together, they ensure even joint compression, resulting in uniform bolt loading and superior bolted joint performance.

HTS Hydraulic Tensioners offer a range of options and features, including special threads, special load requirements, twin or single port configurations, special bridges for tight clearances, oil pressure calculations, long stroke designs, interchangeable parts, and high-temperature options.

HTS Hydraulic Tensioners are designed for safety and reliability. They are CE marked, equipped with over-stroke protection, feature a max stroke indicator, and provide pressure test certification. Additionally, users benefit from a full-color operating and safety manual, ensuring proper usage.

The TensionPro Tensioner method employs the latest seal technology, offering high cycle life and an optimized load-to-weight ratio. It enables bolts to be loaded with accurate force directly proportional to the pressure applied to the tool. This method ensures accurate and repeatable bolt tightening without friction.

- A hydraulic standard bolt tensioner is utilized for applying controlled tension to bolts during assembly, ensuring uniform and reliable clamping force.

- Hydraulic tensioners provide a consistent and even distribution of tension across multiple bolts simultaneously, improving the integrity and reliability of the bolted connection.

- The preferred number of tensioners to use on a flange depends on the flange size, design, and application. Engineering specifications or guidelines usually dictate the appropriate number for optimal results.

- Bolt tensioning is typically required in applications where precise and uniform clamping force is essential, ensuring the integrity and safety of the assembled components.

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