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hydraulic nut splitter set

Heavy Duty Nut Splitter

Hydraulic nut cutter are tools designed to remove old and rusty nuts that are no longer useful from machinery. In some cases, nuts can become tightly jammed on fastener threads due to factors such as corrosion, making them extremely difficult to remove. Nut splitters are manual hand tools that are used with a ratchet wrench, socket, or spanner to effectively break free these stubborn nuts. Nut Splitters are often considered as a last resort when other methods have been unsuccessful.


  • Compact design used in confined space with enough force to split the rusted nuts.
  • All models feature a rugged one-piece cutting frame coupled to heavyduty hydraulic cylinder.
  • Specially designed "tool steel" cutter blade cuts the nut to the precise point where it cracks


 ABS Nut Splitter




HFNS-1924 19-24 M12-M16 10 18 60 171.5 10 25 40 68 2.2
HFNS-2432 24-32 M16-M22 15 40 70 192 13 30 52 79 3.3
HFNS-3241 32-41 M22-M27 20 68 80 230 16 36 65 92 4.4
HFNS-4150 41-50 M27-M33 35 150 100 286 21 45 76 116 8.2
HFNS-5060 50-60 M33-M39 50 250 117 321 24 54.5 92 134 11.7


* The hardness of nut material must not excess HRc-44. should not be used on stainless steel nuts and/or square shape nuts.


Conquer Corroded Fasteners with Impeccable Precision: Introducing the Heavy-Duty Nut Splitters

Forged from unwavering resolve and engineered for meticulous execution, the Heavy-Duty Nut Splitters stand as the definitive solution against even the most obstinate, rust-encrusted fasteners. These instruments of liberation boast a unique blend of unrelenting power, surgical accuracy, and robust construction, empowering you to overcome the tyranny of seized nuts with impeccable efficiency and minimal collateral damage.

Uncompromising Strength Defines the Foundation:

  • Monolithic Fortitude: Each model features a single-piece cutting frame seamlessly welded to a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder. This unyielding foundation channels immense cracking force with unwavering stability, leaving no room for flex or compromise.
  • Precision Targeting for Guaranteed Results: The specially designed "tool steel" cutter blade operates with unwavering exactitude. It pinpoints the precise point of vulnerability within the nut, ensuring a clean split that minimizes damage to surrounding threads and preserves the integrity of your bolted assemblies.
  • Confined Space Domination: Despite their compact design, these splitters pack an unprecedented punch. Their ability to deliver potent cracking force within constricted areas makes them the uncontested champions of confined-space battles. Bid farewell to accessibility limitations and embrace the freedom of unrestricted operation.

A Spectrum of Solutions for Diverse Challenges:

  • Five Models, Endless Possibilities: Choose from a comprehensive range of five models, each meticulously crafted to address a specific range of nut sizes and types. Whether your adversary is metric or imperial, small or imposing, a perfect match awaits.
  • Unwavering Contact, Unimpeachable Results: The unique angled head design maintains intimate contact with the nut throughout the splitting process. This ensures that every ounce of force is transmitted directly to the point of fracture, resulting in clean, decisive cracks and minimal wasted effort.
  • Built to Break, Not Yield: The specially angled cutter blade features a reinforced radius that withstands even the most formidable resistance. This design philosophy ensures that the blade triumphs over the nut, not the other way around. Experience superior durability and long-lasting performance that refuses to falter in the face of adversity.

ABS provides the best Heavy-Duty Nut Splitters which are your gateway to a world free from the shackles of rusted fasteners. Their unrelenting strength, surgical precision, and unwavering construction empower you to dominate the battlefield of seized nuts and reclaim your rightful control over your bolted assemblies. These tools are also available for rental options. Before purchasing, do consider nut splitter rental options in India. 

Invest in unwavering resolve and liberate yourself from the tyranny of rust. Embrace the hydraulic nut splitter tool set and experience the power of precision.

After the sale, we are delighted to assist you with any technical concerns or inquiries. Don't hesitate—let's connect! Feel free to reach out to us via phone: 828282-9795 or drop us an email at We're here to help and ensure your satisfaction.

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People Also Ask

Nut splitters serve the purpose of removing old and rusty nuts that have become tightly jammed on fastener threads, particularly when other methods have proven unsuccessful. They are manual hand tools designed to break free stubborn nuts in situations where conventional removal methods may not be effective.

Nut splitters are operated manually and typically used in conjunction with a ratchet wrench, socket, or spanner. This manual operation allows for controlled force application to effectively split rusted nuts.

Nut splitters are often considered a last resort when other methods fail to remove rusted nuts. They are particularly useful in situations where nuts are tightly jammed on fastener threads due to factors such as corrosion, making them difficult to remove by conventional means.

Nut splitters, meticulously designed with a compact form, excel in confined spaces, ensuring adaptability to diverse environments. Featuring robust construction and a specialized "tool steel" cutter blade, these tools offer enduring performance and precision in nut removal. The angled head design optimizes contact, enhancing overall effectiveness, while the angled cutter blade with a radius ensures efficiency in cutting and breaking nuts. With versatile models catering to various nuts, nut splitters are indispensable tools for professionals requiring adaptability in bolting tasks across applications.

The compact design of nut splitters makes them particularly useful in confined spaces. Their ergonomic design allows for effective operation in tight quarters, providing a practical solution for challenging work environments.

The cutter blade of a nut splitter is made of specialized "tool steel," ensuring durability and precision. Its unique design allows for a precise cut at the optimal point, making the removal of rusted nuts more efficient.

The angled head design of a nut splitter ensures that there is full contact with the nut being penetrated. This design feature is crucial for maintaining stability and maximizing the force applied to break the nut free.

The angled cutter blade with a radius in the nut splitter is specifically designed to offer greater resistance to cutting and breaking nuts. This feature enhances the overall effectiveness of the tool in dealing with stubborn and rusted nuts.

Yes, nut splitters are available in multiple models, with five popular models designed to cover a broad range of nut sizes. This versatility makes them applicable to various situations and ensures they can handle different nut dimensions effectively.

Yes, nut splitters are typically used with a ratchet wrench, socket, or spanner, providing flexibility and ease of operation. This allows users to apply controlled force while using familiar tools in conjunction with the nut splitter.

A nut splitter is designed to safely and efficiently remove nuts from bolts or threaded rods. It works by creating a wedge between the nut and the surface, splitting the nut without damaging the underlying structure.

Nut splitters are generally effective on stainless steel nuts, but the specific design and material of the splitter may influence its compatibility. It's essential to choose a splitter suitable for the material being worked on

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