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torquing measurement software

The HYTORC Fleet Sequencer app is specifically designed to enhance the quality of vehicle bolting tasks.

  • About the App

    The HYTORC Fleet Sequencer app is tailor-made for precision in vehicle bolting. It operates on an Android tablet and seamlessly connects to a HYTORC electric torque wrench. The app guides users step by step, recording real-time data and cross-checking results.

    The App establishes a wireless connection between an Android tablet and a HYTORC Electric Torque Tool - LST & LiON Gun in order to direct the user through bolting jobs on a car, check results, and record data in real-time.

  • Features

    • Wireless connection
    • Tool configuration
    • Job data management
    • Torque and tightening sequence can be set in advance
    • Intuitive graphical interface
    • Bolting parameters are saved
    • Various user profiles

People Also Ask

The app is not available on iOS, Android users can download it from here.

The application establishes a wireless connection between a HYTORC electric torque wrench and an Android device, providing a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to assist mechanics in their tasks.

Yes, the app can record and store data in real time.

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