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Flange Spreaders

  • 9T( 90 kN) to 25T (240kN) mm spreading Gap
    If the flange joint you are working on has an access gap of 6.0mm,available in mechanical, hydraulic mode of operation, Hydraulic spreaders available with integral pumps and maximum spread up to 103 mm, recommended and be used in pair
    Petrochemical, nuclear, mining
    Flange spreading tool
    Flange Spreading Wedges
  • If the flange joint you are working on has no access gap between the flanges or you are concerned about damaging the flange faces or the flange joint you are working on has a spacer, wafer or butterfly valve positioned between the flanges, Secure-Grip flange spreaders are likely to be suitable.
    Construction, shutdown, petrochemical, nuclear, mining
    Secure Grip Spreading

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