Hydraulic Torque Bolting Solutions

ISO 9001:2015 Certified
OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified
ASME Authorized Training Provider

Pumps & Accessories

  • For use with all torque guns
    Reduces noise by 35% and down to a very low 70-75 Db.
    Petrochemical, Oil and gas, Nuclear
    FLR unit
    FRL Unit / Silencer Kit
  • Maximum operating Pressure 10000 psi.
    Light Weight
    Ideal for light duties
    Hytorc Jet pro pumps-power packs
    Jetpro-S-230 pump
  • Maximum operating pressure 10000psi
    Equipped with oil cooler, gauge psi/bar FS 1.0%, remote control 24V – 5 m length, 3 stage pump single phase 230V
    Cement, Power Generation, Shipping, infrastructure, valve
    hystream pump -115-230
    Hystream 230 pump
  • Remote control air, semi-automatic
    Calibrated gauge with certificate, remote control air, semi-automatic,3 stage 4 tool adaptor
    Oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical
    hystream-air pump provider india
    Hystream Air pump
  • Highly precise pressure setting valves and oil cooler
    Oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical
    Hytorc Jet pro pumps-power packs
    Jetpro 18.3 pump
  • Protective Caging, Equipped with Oil Cooler
    15 ft. Digital Remote Control
    4 Tool Fully Automatic Adapter
    Vector Pump
  • Touch Display and Control tablet
    Rotational Angle Sensors
    Precisely Measures Torque, Rotation Angle, Stretch, Pressure
  • HY Series has been designed with maintenance technicians in mind.
    30 pounds lighter than most tension pumps
    Digital remote and an automatic pressure function

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