The most modern torque wrench developed in industrial bolting, HYTORC electric torque wrench is a battery powered torque wrench that offers portability and are tools independent of pumps or compressed air for power.

HYTORC Electric Torque Wrenches,

next-generation bolting tools offering data-recording and portability.

With an accuracy of +/-5%, the electric torque wrench can be accessed anywhere as they are cordless wrenches and do not require any extension boards or hoses for power.

The HYTORC Cordless range of torque wrench offer several features like brushless motor, data recording, dual speed mode, two hand operation, safety holder for working at height, two battery variations, wheel bolting extensions, torque achieved notification, two-directional switch, Bluetooth connectivity, low noise operation, and torque, angle & release to name a few.

All electric torque tools are HYTORC Washer and Nut compatible


The LST is the most advanced electric torque gun that offers torque output up to 6779 Nm. Keeping the vision of HYTORC in mind, the LST offers multiple benefits like greater durability, power-to-weight ratio, functionality, and usability.


Developed to offer portability and convenience, the Lithium series can operate faster to reduce job time and increase productivity with its dual speed capability. The 36V industrial battery system allows the electric torque wrench to take on heavy industrial bolting jobs easily.


Economic and easy to use, HYTORC’s Lion Gun also comes with a built-in data recording system that logs torque outputs for better traceability. Additionally, it can deliver repeated torque output without excessive noise or vibration.


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